1. very nice, friend. could you help to share to our official Community?

  2. I'm in the same case : only a PayPal transaction confirmation since my order on last saturday, nothing from the site. I wrote an email today to get news about this order, no answer yet. (EU, not UK).

  3. Hi friend, this is Spider farmer official. Please help to check your junk email Or contact our EU official website. They will help you to check your order, and reply you within 24 hours, do not worry.

  4. Hi friend, this is spider farmer official. We replied to you by chat. Please help to check your junk email. Normally our system will be sent an email to you after paid. If still have not received it. please help to provide your email address by chat. We will send you by email, do not worry. many thanks!

  5. Let's take a look, what's the new member to the Spider Farmer SE series?

  6. Good job, this is Spider farmer SF2000 led grow light, right? 🔥🔥

  7. Oh. found the Spider farmer SF1000 led grow light. enjoy it, friend. 👏

  8. You might want the netting to be up a bit higher. Down there it’s not going to do much unless you plan on putting another one up a bit higher. Other than that it’s a beautiful set up. Crazy that each plant has its own light and not the cheap one plant light either, they each have a light that could proly grow 3 plants. That’s awesome, proly fairly expensive but really cool none the less. Oh and the humidifier is clutch, I like it. I wish I had a room I could dedicate to growing.

  9. Hi friend, this is Spider farmer official, please check your chat, so that help you to solve your problem, do not worry. many thanks!

  10. Hi friend, this is Spider farmer official. Please see below information as reference.

  11. Hello everyone, our event has ended. Thank you all for your active participation. Due to the large number of participants, our colleagues are counting. We will send messages to the winners, please pay attention to the check. thank you again.❤️❤️

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