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  1. Honestly I kinda prefer the whole thing with regular kryptonian life spans lasting two to three hundred years on average, but when they’re powered by a yellow star that lifespan is greatly extended.

  2. Imagine if BH finally get back together and discover that Caleb was waiting in a cell the entire time with his collar deactivated and devising a plan. How? Well he just woke up to the key on his face and a paw print near the door.

  3. I always have some fun when playing, it usually ends when I have to pay in order to continue.

  4. If we ever get Brennan as a guest, then it would be absolutely legendary if he brings Lou with him.

  5. You also forgot that the conference doesn’t have an airport close to it that can handle those types of planes, so there are going to be a helicopter service to send them to the one that does. Then after that they get a motorcade of gas guzzlers to ensure they don’t have to see the middle class people that inhabit the European village the conference has taken over.

  6. Never understood the whole thing about “ugly cute” stuff but I guess this definitely counts

  7. How many days before your eighteenth birthday did you turn in your binder?

  8. I honestly forgot about this. Assumed that most Batman stuff was buried with Batwoman and the Batgirl movie

  9. I’d probably eat that once and my Asian genes would finally activate their lactose intolerance

  10. This might sound dumb but who's the pregnant woman?

  11. I’m guessing that’s Martha, and unfortunately the article says that two were hospitalized and one dead after a drunk driving accident so I guess that’s what happened.

  12. Didn’t Hasbro end the contract that the Power Rangers brand had with the Super Sentai brand in Japan? So this might never be a Power Rangers thing and just stay as a Sentai thing.

  13. This is the kind of Superman I’d expect to be jumping around during WWII because he can only jump tall buildings in a single bound at this point.

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