1. I use a 1:3 map and start by picking focus cities. Usually the largest ones with the biggest demand. I’ll draw a line from one end to the other hitting each big city. That becomes my main line.

  2. Privatize it and you'll get paid the market value of your work.

  3. Privatisation of healthcare is never the answer. The US is the prime example of that.

  4. And I would happily go be a banksperson for a DCA, no worries at all.

  5. Can I just replace my stair chair with another firefighter? I promise to feed and walk them.

  6. At 18 weeks you’re dealing with a product of conception and not a workable patient.

  7. This is actually the subject of a clinical trial in the U.K. at the moment called PARAMEDIC3.

  8. So it sounds like it’s a this party recruiting for multiple NHS Trusts as opposed to applying to those Trusts directly. I’ve never heard of it done like that.

  9. If you know the range of your coax you can use the tracers to fire a few at the target, determine an aprox range and then use the main gun.

  10. Please tell me you're the project engineer or team boffin, and one day there will be tales of speed tests up the M1 at midnight and stuff

  11. Article sounds like a really shitty study on CPR quality while stradling a patient, not really about seated or buckled compressions.

  12. I was thinking more like drug overdoses, dialysis pts, pregnant pts, penetrating traumas, etc.

  13. I don’t have any idea how this can be explained better to this poor soul. Jesus brother in Christ.

  14. I kinda agree with him to be fair. Like I get if they are sacrificing quality for cost that’s cutting corners. However all they’ve done is used foreign stock in place of domestic stock. If it’s of the same quality and standard no corners are cut however it is likely not compliant with US laws as you’ve said (not familiar with Berry Laws).

  15. If they are sneaking in non compliant parts it’s illegal technically and probably are saving some money doing so if left unnoticed. Just a theory.

  16. Surefire 6PX is very good. Won’t randomly go flat in the cold. If you can source the batteries from work all the better.

  17. Mechanic friend told me not to buy French because the engine bays are usually very tight. What did I do? Buy French.

  18. Usually they are used for storage. Except Sherman Firefly, their box includes the entire radio set (it didnt fit in the turret lol)

  19. Unavailable returning to station? I wish. They can give us a call when we are in the middle of crew change.

  20. Oh, yeah. They don't care what your downtime is. You're on shift till your relief has taken full custody of the truck and called in roll. We are severely understaffed, so we are lucky if we have 6 trucks (4 being dual BLS) to cover 911 and IFT in 4 neighboring cities totaling somewhere around 100,000 people. 🙃

  21. I haven’t played the Finns but as a general rule with Germany I use cheap infantry essentially the cheap base model rifle squads with no MGs) to start with. I use them to scout ahead and have a medium tank providing fire support. When the infantry hits something it can’t handle they dig in/find cover until the tank knocks it out.

  22. 100% agree. We don’t need blues and twos to get the frequent caller who will invariably get discharged at scene anyway.

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