1. Sure, right after you let me sell you a brand new car at new car prices, and then let me scratch every single quarter panel and not complain... deal? cause thats what your saying i should do.

  2. You can compare the prices differences between cars and a 130 dollar lower you nerd

  3. same principle...cant tell me you would be ok buying something that wasnt what it was labeled as for any price and not be annoyed..

  4. No it’s not the difference in prices of a dinged car and a clean car is thousands of dollars, the differences between blem and non blem lowers is 30 bucks! If you don’t want dinged shit go with a non budget company

  5. What green exactly? This looks damn close to bazooka green and I’ve been looking for it for a hunting rifle

  6. I once asked a 300 pounder if she’s gonna love me more then the fridge, bitch reported me and I got banned from tinder

  7. Primary machine has a .150 rmr to Acro plate that works. Would need taller irons.

  8. From what I understand, you can’t. Shadow systems has been hinting at a civilian-market ACRO cut release for almost a year now but I can never get an answer from them on their social media platforms.

  9. Well if your try I got to do any long range with a gas gun you wanna make sure you have tight tolerance’s and the tolerances between psa and aero are very different! I’d go with a aero lower

  10. This subreddit is a oxymoron, all the liberals in politics do is try and take our guns! I don’t think you can be pro gun and consider yourself a actual liberal

  11. This would be funny if you didn't put your actual name on here, Raymond

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