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Dated:01/26/2023 Kenneth Griffin's Citadel Securities (MM) was found guilty of disrupting the market order with high-frequency trading in Korea & was fined 10 billion. This was reported by Yonhap News Agency, which is a major South Korean news agency. This is big, since its International! LFG🚀🚀🚀

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The DTCC told congress in the GameStop Hearings that It didn't discuss Robinhood's PCO restrictions at all. However, in the later published report by the US House Committee on Financial Services, the DTCC revealed they did actually talk about Robinhood's PCO restrictions, so Vlad was right.

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  1. I, too, have strong feelings of affection for you as a fellow shareholder (and human being).

  2. It’s 8 million usd tho, slap one the wrists and right back to it I bet.

  3. Apparently, "Redditors" are still living rent free in this guy's head.

  4. He speaks of lies and manipulation, but it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, pointing the finger at others while trying to convince them that they are guilty of what you are in fact guilty of:

  5. I mean, good luck to them, because clearly their company seems to be getting shorted to shit.

  6. I thought CEO’s and boards couldn’t reference DRSing their stock.

  7. August does appear to openly, blatantly, aggressively contradict May.

  8. If capitalism is broken beyond repair, the only real option is for retail investors to abandon global stock markets.

  9. The SEC is always whining about how under funded they are, yet they found the money to hire actors and do a little Jeopardy mock up.

  10. Daily, it becomes more difficult to justify dollar cost averaging to support the globally manipulated Ponzi scheme that global capital markets have become.

  11. Brett should tread carefully - as it has yet to be determined about how much he knew about the impending failure of FTX and when.

  12. The psychological toll of a bombardment of negative media – can have an impact over time, especially in a culture weaned from its teat.

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