1. Nope. We weren't social rejects in the 90s. We had to hone the skill of actually talking to a woman. Paid off. Porn, weed, video games and degenerate gambling (called 'investing' on WSB) have replaced getting laid

  2. This is precisely it. Just wait until VR becomes widely adopted. Sex is done.

  3. Remember that the next time someone knocks Philadelphians.

  4. Philadelphians are the best people in America. The rest of the country just hates how cool Philly is. Go Birds.

  5. 7th street bullies whooped up broad street

  6. These were draws. Minny comes to Philly in March. We’ll see what those fights look like then.

  7. The Eagles can throw so many different offensive looks because of Hurts’ ability. I hope the 49ers are approaching The Eagles offense the same way as this guy.

  8. Ain't about channel views, it's about you being nobody. Nobody's going to go out of their way to fuck with you because you're not worth it.

  9. it's true. they're paying more for parts, new and used, paying 100% of rental car coverage due to parts shortage, speeding and texting while driving is up. auto insurance is unprofitable, and I think a lot of pain is coming for all of us in the future. cars are only getting more complex, and that translates to higher repair costs.

  10. Also our boy Jawn Morgan pumping up the verdicts on top of litigation funding. Insurers do not make money writing auto in PA. Many do it because they want the homeowners and the insurance commission likely requires X amount of auto to be written in the assigned risk pool.

  11. Exactly. I should have added the total loss overage they had to pay so people could get comparable used cars. It was significant. My dad had a total loss, and they paid $10,000 over what we were expecting for his car. Everyone will be seeing higher auto rates real soon. Sure as shit.

  12. I don’t think people get how regulated insurance is and how little money the P&C companies make after losses + expenses. The best underwriting companies in the world have 10% margins. Now I know people don’t give a shit about that, but paying $2K a year to insure something worth $50k+ plus any liabilities doesn’t seem like a crazy amount to pay. There are literally hundreds of accidents/thefts daily in Philly. Do the math!

  13. Rhymes with book - never heard feck, but maybe that’s a different part of Ireland from where my family is from

  14. Morgan Stanley ultimately projects the S&P could tumble as much as 25% to a two-year low of 3,000 points as earnings season ramps up

  15. r5 productions. Check out the killtime, ywca, and stalag 13. look for ink & dagger shows around halloween.

  16. Ink and dagger shows? Mind if I use your time machine?

  17. Lol this is true to the point it’s caused major issues in my relationship. My gf is from north jersey and travels out of state a lot . I have an intense fear of leaving philly, I know it’s irrational and probably not healthy but I’m just so much more comfortable in our trash heap of a city.

  18. I grew up in South Philly and have friends who don’t go “uptown” to Center City

  19. Oh wow, this is a new one to me, lol. I live in South Philly, and when the weather is nice I'll just take a walk to center city. It's not a short walk but easily walkable, which makes the desire to not go "uptown to center city" hilarious

  20. I’m from Packer Park so it’s not easily walkable but my one bud was like “i haven’t been uptown in 6 years or so” when the topic of CC came up. It’s pretty funny. He does get down the shore and to South Jersey/Delco, but hilariously doesn’t go to Center City. There are lots like him too apparently.

  21. 20 years, thousands of rounds, lessons, coaches, +1.7 index at peak, never screwed anyone who didn’t want to be, pray, give to charity, avoid stepping on cracks and breaking mirrors…0 aces.

  22. No your right they didn’t go all in like the Rams or Saints. Those teams went all in blindly and they gave up their own picks. The Eagles went all in a different way. They took a rebuild year and moved off bad assets and actually got great value for them. They then used those picks and the money they have not paying a QB to go out and get guys like AJ Brown, Hassan Reddick. Then they went even more all in adding lots of one year rentals like CGJ, Bradberry, Suh, Linval, Kyzir.

  23. There’s talent in finding serviceable players that fit and can contribute, but the players you listed aren’t special and they won’t impair the Eagles’ success if they can’t return the following year. They’ll just add different bodies. Is there a huge benefit to paying Hurts rookie money? Sure. But they are prepared for it. It’s not like at this time last year anyone expected Hurts to improve this much.

  24. I don’t know what you are arguing I am agreeing with you dawg

  25. If property owner is getting profit margin, low stress, and assuming low damage whats the issue? If I'm a landlord thats all I care about?

  26. I think his point is that he has not the stress but probably the company taking care of his units does have it

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