1. Like many others, I wouldn’t change anything except the carpet but if they were smokers….

  2. I was trying to be optimistic for OP's celebration. Having survived the 70s, I know those rooms either smell like cigarettes, weed, or dampness from those carpets.

  3. The same guy who got suspended from High School for spray painting, “God is gay,” on buildings? That guy?

  4. Yes, him. Also, remember MAGA couple dancing to RATM?

  5. Yeah, this is what happens when you don’t pay attention in one’s literature classes. The whole thing tracks. People for whom words and meanings are tough.

  6. Every 3 months?! What are you some kind of monk? I can’t go a week!

  7. PhD is the original doctorate. MD came about because of all the quacks out there; the Medical community wanted to legitimize themselves so they adopted the Doctorate system.

  8. That coat is awesome. Be more confident in it. It would work so well with a scarf and gloves that match whatever the square thread color is (chocolate brown? hard to tell).

  9. Russia has already lost. The us and Europe will support ukraine indefinitely. Russia will crack in time and go back to the dark ages.

  10. It’s not about the land at this point. NATO has spent a fraction of its military budget to absolutely devastate Russias conventional forces and show them to be weak as hell. Additionally they’ve managed to field test equipment and field tactics without and conventional losses. NATO is the only one that’s going to win this war even if Ukrainians retake all their land back because it’s the only noncombatant.

  11. America's Funniest Home Videos had Trace writing for them. Sometimes it was obvious that he wrote the joke.

  12. Couldn't agree more. No one cares that Gaetz is gay, or Santos is a drag queen. We CARE because they spew such vitriol against these groups and are COMPLETE HYPOCRITS.

  13. I care because they get to decide on if the US goes to war and the fate of the global economy (debt ceiling). I don’t TRUST them to make those decisions because of this shit.

  14. No shit, said every teacher in the last 10 years.

  15. Why, yes, I did go through and upvote everyone who didn’t care.

  16. They are junk, folks. Anyone interested in frugal vintage 80s vibes should check out Armitron same price point with mineral crystals and steel cases. Look for the Ridgemont or the Rubrik. Plenty of coupons for their site but sites like Wally world and ones that rhyme with Whamazon will have them already reduced.

  17. Legit question. Most of the vintage line is pushing north of $100 these days for metal and mineral crystal (A1000). At the same price point from Casio you aren’t getting gold. You’re getting the 168 with all the writing on it. I’m trying to keep it frugal. Tl;dr Armitron has better construction at the price point.

  18. Mmmm. forbidden cosmic doughnut…💦 ghhahhlnghhahhln 💦

  19. I straight up love this one. Best spy movie they did since Operation Kidbrother. I’ve watched both sans MST3K and they’re still unintentionally entertaining.

  20. I wonder if anyone is pushing her to run, she has always come across as very stubborn and addicted to her seat of power when questioned by reporters.

  21. Having a very stubborn senior parent, some folks will just never admit they shouldn’t/can’t do things anymore. They develop a reality distortion field and push away/ignore people trying to help them. It might not even be other people.

  22. Who would have guessed that OJ would be the last living member of the big 4 stars of the naked gun movies.

  23. I liked Ice Station Zebra. And I'm pretty sure it was Howard Hughes' favorite film

  24. Sometimes my fat ass saves me money. This is one of those times.

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