1. Licorice, marshmallow, and I’m trying to think of another flavor

  2. LOL whoops yes you're right...thats what I get for blindly copy & pasting into my spreedsheet 🤦‍♂️

  3. Would not mind at all if ACL had a comedy tent like Bonnaroo and OutsideLands used to. Plus the sweet sweet A/C

  4. It’s one banana tree frog, Michael. How much could it cost, $10?

  5. I cannot figure out the voice command part of this thing, it’s like I’m my mother

  6. Y’all have all run into me. I have been dressing as the Human Being for years

  7. Did she even drink any water or milk? Holy crap, she nailed it. Multiple bites too

  8. 1 5 and 9. Armond is a great hotel manager as long as he's not on drugs.

  9. Even on drugs he’s amazing. He nailed that final dinner, treats his employees well (shared drugs and eats ass), and offers his guests amazing service (offering to give them their first gay experience).

  10. I’ve always thought it was Poop. Learn something new every day

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