1. i've been offered a job i thought i did shit in the interview and wasn't ranked for a job i thought went really well. bottom line is u never know what they're looking for so always just try your best

  2. I'm wondering if its messy to rank a unranked interview first. Would you say it makes it awkward?

  3. if you were completely unranked then you do not even have the option to put it first as they're essentially saying they're not interested in having u as a candidate. if you mean to rank an interview where you were ranked 2+ by the company, that's your choice because if the person who was ranked 1 by the company doesn't choose the position then you may have a shot since you may have the lowest value of all candidates (1+2=3, for example)

  4. tysm for offering but the resume you speak of is looking incredibly bare at the moment so I won't waste your time :)

  5. Idk lmao. I would assume 97+ and ur probably garunteed. ECs don't matter much tbh. Just list a few leadership positions and volunteering

  6. thank you! also, do you think taking an unrelated bird course as 6th and 7th courses are seen negatively by admissions because its not a math/tech/eng course?

  7. No one cares for eng tbh. If u end up with like a bunch of chem, physics etc, it's OK to take bird classes lol. The key is u need to demonstrate time management and extracurricular involvement so it shows u have stuff to do outside of class.

  8. I agree with the comment about making it single column + removing hs. Btw what did you use to make your resume? (As in like MS Word?) It looks rly nice!

  9. I used something called overleaf. In terms of only having 1 column, I found it hard to fit the information in as the points are shorter and there's a lack of vertical space with 1 column.

  10. Chill out I'm in first year and I have lots to learn. From the ppl I know I'm like dead last too lmao. It's all about perspective

  11. Marks matter much more. If u can get around 97% then just inflate your volunteering

  12. It seems like your marks are quite low. Personally, I had 98 average in gr 12 but it dropped like 13% into 1st year to around 85. The content is gonna get heavier but not necessarily more difficult. If you are struggling with below 80s, it might be a sign of wea time management. Try to push yourself to at least an 80+ by 2nd semester and if you struggle with that university might not be the best move.

  13. I'm quite sure coop and non-coop degrees are the same price? I'm not the most familiar but in general the coop program has its own fees.

  14. When I said tuition, I meant all of the fees associated with your education! At Mac, we pay significantly more for co-op than non co-op.

  15. That's a good point. I'm at waterloo where I don't know many non coop ppl, but I think for us, there is like a 750 dollar fee to use the coop platform(which is overpriced imo)

  16. And waterloo and kitchener as cities are fairly nice? Like clean and easy to navigate?

  17. Yea, I think so. The campus always have people around and like you can take strolls around campus without worrying about safety even at midnight imo

  18. Sounds good, thanks you very much!

  19. Omg that is horrible! I am a Waterloo student myself so this really hits home…May he Rest In Peace 🙏

  20. I'm also a waterloo student. I don't know them personally but because I'm in cs, that person might've been in the same room as me for one of their assessments.

  21. hey! if you don't mind sharing, what was your grade 11 average? thanks :)

  22. Since waterloo accepts quite late(like around April), they won't look at your grade 11 marks unless there is a large inconsistency. But I had a 96 average in gr 11. Also, I took chemistry, data management and advanced functions in gr11 so my top 6 is a bit tricky to calculate.

  23. If you’re comfortable sharing, what were your exact marks (midterm/final)? ECs? Did you write the math contests?

  24. I had 100 in cs, 100 accounting, 99 data management, 93 English, 98 advanced functions, 96/97 calculus(these are all final, midterms dont elly matter since uw cs accepts rlly late). My ECs were a bunch of school clubs(not executive or anything) and larger volunteer roles. I got into uw cs and csbba, got rejected from uoft at utsg and utsc

  25. Last year, the nanotechnology students did quite well, generally they have one of the lowest coop rates:

  26. sorry to break it to all the cs monkeys out there but not everyone is interested in being a top tier software engineering coop at faang

  27. That's good to hear tbh. I'm just stating that nanotechnology has a lower coop rate than chemical eng

  28. From what I know, all programs offer early admissions and it's good to get ur apps in early. However, rograms like waterloo cs, and Mac healthsci don't really send out early offers so I guess those you don't need to do first. Regardless you should apply as soon as you get your OUAC PIN because once exams hit, you might not have time.

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