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  1. Yup, and I got a great deal on a 2018 iPad Pro there in 2020.

  2. Many of the password sharing groups I know all pay. Less than what it would be if they each had their own subscription but still they do pay.

  3. I mean.... my entire town has them all buried. There isn't a single above ground line inside city limits that I've ever seen. It's not some crazy witchcraft.

  4. Getting any amount of skill under your belt at 12 is going to serve you well. Teenagerhood can be tough. Guitar helps.

  5. Yes, and MS is putting ads in their content (the OS) not your PC.

  6. DeSantis is a real deal religious fanatic who's been soaked in culture war his entire life.

  7. This whole post is based on satire, but presented as fact. But here you are, doubling down on some ridiculous claim that you have simply made up from a wish and a dream. Democrats like you are getting high on their own supply instead of taking DeSantis seriously, and he’s going to wipe the floor with us if we decide we’d rather act the fool and believe in bizarre fantasies like “conservative culture warriors are actually unfamiliar with classic rock.”

  8. I guess that means the real chads are the optometrists in countries with universal healthcare

  9. The title would have you think her amazing playing and singing won over an indifferent (at best) crowd. Instead, right off the bat, a whole stadium crowd is singing her song from memory based on a few soft guitar notes.

  10. Not sure why your getting down votes, your absolutely right. You should never have to give an excuse, and you should not because they will always argue with you. Even if it is a tire, it's not their business.

  11. You are missing the point. Even if there is no flat tire, she lied because work wants to know why you are not coming in. It's not their business. We should not have a work culture where we have to share our personal information to get a day off. "I will not be today" the appropriate response is "ok". Maybe I'm shitting my brains out. Maybe my kid is sick. Maybe my car won't start. Maybe I just need to take a day to destress. Either way it's not their business.

  12. Imagine walking up to literal Jesus and calling him a bigot for making the blind see and the paralyzed walk.

  13. Every parent in the world is rolling their eyes so hard right now.

  14. I’m out of the loop for Apple working conditions, but most companies that “avoid layoffs” during a recession is because they are chronically under staffed to begin with.

  15. The other big tech companies were on a hiring spree for the past few years that got a bit out of hand. It was almost like they were just hiring talent to keep their competitors from getting it. For whatever reason Apple didn’t play the game.

  16. Another person who's never worked a contract position piping in about something they know nothing about

  17. It was posted in that other subreddit earlier today, but it’s gone now.

  18. This is how I see it. If your 13 year old comes to you and complains that he hasn't been circumcised, you can arrange for him to be circumcised. If your 13 year old comes to you and complains that he has been circumcised, there's nothing to be done about it.

  19. FWIW, I know someone who was circumcised at 13, and it was a total nightmare (infection, complications). Easier than trying to ‘uncircumcise’, but not exactly trivial. And going through that as puberty is setting in is no picnic.

  20. Never though about changing the truss cover. You might be onto something here.

  21. I bought a pair in NYC on Black Friday open box, the first owner literally tracked me down and stole them. For your safety please return them asap, they claim they have a process that should prevent this from happening but clearly it isn’t working well! Luckily I was able to resolve my event with bestbuy and press charges on the dude who held me up at gunpoint for “his AirPods”

  22. Yup. Take them back to Best Buy and give them an earful. No OK to violate their paying customers’ privacy like that.

  23. I tried reaching out to them, they cannot do that unfortunately. The previous owner has to remove them from FindMy so the pair I think is basically obsolete unless we find the previous owner.

  24. This is Best Buy’s fault, and it’s up to them to fix it. You might even push a bit and see what compensation they offer you. Key points:

  25. I haven’t bought a guitar since the 90s. I’m wondering what the consensus is about buying a new guitar online? How do you deal with buying a guitar you haven’t played? If it’s not playing right do you send it back, or can you get it fixed for free?

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