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  1. College gives education. If you’re going to leverage that education for money, then it’s worth it. If you are not going to leverage the degree for money, it’s not worth it.

  2. Yes, college gives education, but more than that, college gives you connections which is often what makes it easier to find a job.

  3. I mean blueberry muffins are pretty bi imo. So if bars are not a thing maybe muffins? Or we could have the entire bakery... Now I'm just hungry.

  4. This is one of my favorite ramens. It is, as the package says, very mild. I recommend throwing an egg in there while they're cooking and add some green onions for freshness. I often enjoy them with some kimchi on the side!

  5. Yeah! So I will start off by saying at university, I was taught HTML/CSS formally in a class, and also got some basic exposure to C++ and Python. I'm not sure where you are in the journey so I'll start from beginning.

  6. If you’re willing to share, I’m curious to know why you don’t want to do design anymore?

  7. Honestly? I don’t think my personality matches the job. I’m a very introverted individual but I also suffer from social anxiety and although I’ve been working on it for years it feels like it keeps coming back and haunting me. The fact that people expect designers to be these social unicorns ready to conduct interviews, lead workshops and present results in front of clients or in front of the whole company is something I struggle with every single day and I’m on the verge of major depressive episode because of it.

  8. What about afterwards? What would be good free resources for learning coding?

  9. I would be more worried about the political situation of Perú at the moment. Lots of people have died in the protests in the last couple of weeks and even for us in Chile it’s been advised to not travel to Perú anytime soon.

  10. Bunnies feel the safest when their back legs are supported, that's why some of them don't like to be picked up. With this hammock I don't think you're achieving that level of support unfortunately. I'd try the bunrito technique but leaving the butt a bit uncovered so you can trim his hair, this would be a two-person job though (one holding the bunrito, the other trimming the hair)

  11. Surprising myself because I always expect the worst of people and situations and when it ends up being a positive experience I'm like 'wow that was nice'

  12. No tengo idea, pero en Chile tenemos a su doble, el Compadre Moncho

  13. Can someone ask Greta when this global warming is going to start I am freezing 🥶

  14. I'm super good remembering faces so I'm always reminding others of people we've met. Like whenever someone says hi and the other person doesn't remember I'm always like "you met them when we were at Y". I'm not sure how useful that is though.

  15. I’d recommend Victoria and Albert Museum. You’ll need like 5 hours to see everything. But it’s absolutely worth it, it’s that good. Also Hyde Park and St. James Park are beautiful, although I went in November, not sure how it is now during winter.

  16. Woah sounds amazing tho I don't think I'd have that much time to spare with only 2 days available of free time b4 flying home again. It's a 20 hrs flight for me from my home country ><

  17. Oh that's too bad. I feel that though, I think it took me longer than 24 hours to arrive to London (I live in South America) 💀 It was totally worth it, I had an amazing time!

  18. Chilean here. Yes, with 70k you can buy a house in a rural area but most of your money will be gone after that. Chile is one of the most expensive countries in South America and even if you plan to live in a more rural/isolated area you should be able to communicate with locals, it is more likely people living in the country side won't speak English. I should also mention Chilean Spanish is quite difficult to learn and understand at first since we use a lot of slang and we don't pronounce things properly and this is even more evident with people living in rural areas.

  19. Thank you! Very useful to know about Araucanía. Sounds like I should save some more before committing to this.

  20. No problem. If you want an estimate of how much some houses in rural areas cost look at Portal Inmobiliario. It’s a website for renting or buying properties. You can use the map tool to look around, there are some pretty nice looking houses outside of Región Metropolitana, maybe look at some houses near coastal towns/cities too :) Do let me know if you have more questions!

  21. Read literally anything she writes. She’s so flipping hilarious, even about dark things like depression. Might I recommend the birthday cake entry. Enjoy!

  22. I haven't read Hyperbole and a Half in a long time. I remember she made me cry with laughter so many times, thanks for reminding me this exists!

  23. It’s usually called “luggage pass through” to put your backpack on top of a suitcase

  24. Seguramente les faltó incluir UTF-8 dentro del código del sitio web para que muestre palabras con tildes. No son errores ortográficos sino de codificación.

  25. Aunque ahora veo que les faltó una tilde en “podrá”. Esa sí es falta de ortografía 😂

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