1. That looks tasty AF. You growing in soil? Organic or bottled nutes?

  2. It's an organic living soil. I just brew teas with the living soil concentrate. Hopefully I start seeing a fade soon. Thanks!

  3. It crack. Literally crack. Dump that shit.

  4. This is a strain I've been thinking about growing in one of my next runs. How does it smell? Any diffencies pop up?

  5. Smells like skunky oranges, citrus is very strong. Haven't had any pop she seems to take well to feeds

  6. Very nice. I find anything that has wedding cake in its lineage tends to grow very well. It looks amazing ๐Ÿ‘ btw

  7. also it smells like weed and has little grains in it? iโ€™m so confused my dealer is a little old lady and idk if maybe she got a bad bag from her supplier or this just slipped in without her noticing

  8. Maybe the weight was off by just a little and they threw that in so it would be on point

  9. Check the trichomes to see if they're cloudy or amber . Also the hairs will start to turn red.

  10. To me it looks like it could use a couple more weeks atleast maybe more. They look amazing ๐Ÿ‘

  11. It's looking better than alright for sure. What's your method?

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