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  1. So long as she has believable emotional and psychological weaknesses, you're probably going to be fine. We already know that the main character isn't going to die in most stories, so it's about watching the character face things that challenge them and how they grow and change in response to challenges.

  2. That's why she'll be wearing things such as armor and when it comes to fighting a knight or a super soldier, well, the fight would be drawn out and filled with her trying to find ways to bypass armour. Since kicking it in hurts a ton to her, and her daggers can't penetrate the armour

  3. Okay that's actually an awesome idea, imagine this 8ft tall monster of a woman just prying open plate armor like a savage

  4. True. Just curious if the Founding Titan could theoretically do it

  5. Well yea, but that's only gameplay and not actually lore per se

  6. Just sort by "Old" any you'll find other peoples opinions ;)

  7. What is the distance between the shooter and dodger? It's pretty important to know, since that way we will know how long the bolt would take to reach the person, and thus calculate how fast the dodger has to be moving.

  8. Omni Man being able to bust planets, even I fell for this ruse

  9. Elder Scrolls characters are wanked by their own lore.

  10. Well to be fair, gameplay and lore are so different it's not even funny. It's the same with any of the Souls games, if - for example - Malenia was going at the speed of lightning in game, you could never react

  11. R1 shogun easy. Nukes while powerful can't cut 30km down splitting tectonic plates which would be needed to split an island.

  12. Do you think Malenia could somehow try to outlast the Shogun? Maybe infect the Shogun using her Rot while she heals off of any hits she takes or gives

  13. Well, I don't know about stamina, but the Raiden Shogun did fight with her artificial counterpart for five hundred years non stop and it was stated to vaporize the oceans.

  14. She's shot in the head and left by a dumpster and some shadows are over her implying she'll be necro'd

  15. Most of the things you said would not translate well, specially stats requiriments are only there because.... It's an eletronic game. In the actual world of Elden Ring no one would be like "I really want to use a mace but I'm 2 STR points short"

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