1. I’m looking forward to it, if you get one of these VHB 3ds I hope you leave a review of how it works with the Dani

  2. I’ll hold off, it sounds like it’s not big enough after all. I was really hoping to buy one and make the effort to have it properly housed in wood.

  3. They have good marketing, much like dynavap the fanboys invade every vape space and spam recommend it

  4. The two most annoying overhyped fan bases that blindly recommend those devices all the time

  5. Ikr? You can pick one up for like 700 bucks, it's honestly a fuckin steal compared to similar Nvidia gpus

  6. If you can do a video of a single bowl (or just one heat cycle if you’re busy) with the wand that would be really amazing and appreciated. I am eyeing the fusion and have read a few people’s opinion on it with the wand but want to get a more visual look of the difference. Maybe a wand only bowl vs regular torched bowl would be great. For the amount of use this would potentially get from me I would like to use it IH only as it is just so convenient, I can’t go back to torches for majority of the time. Unless you can do 2-3 hit torch extractions easily. I’m not one to finish a dyna quickly, but if you can torch a fusion only once or twice and finish the bowl with many draws then the torch maybe okay again. Torching for each draw is tiring with the dynavap, usually I finish a dyna in 4-6 cycles, I bust a lung trying to 1-2 hit extract (even with XL condenser and intercooler), has to be with a WPA for quick extract.

  7. You can get 4-5 good hits with a torch and it’s a lot more simple than the dyna, no spinning and it’s a lot harder to combust due to the extra mass. My fusion is coming in this week but I have a Dani ti so they work the same.

  8. He was talking about how threading works, it can get super confusing I’ve had to deal with it in the past when doing backend work

  9. I can't remember the last board i had without it.

  10. Yea my gigabyte gaming z 6 or something for my 6700k has it and it was like $170 not on sale

  11. I find it a weird hill to defend as well lol.

  12. Was it good? I considered doing that but it didn't seem good from the streams I watched.

  13. I’ve been playing it for the past two weeks and it’s been one of my favorite games of the last few years

  14. What exactly are you looking for? Both are great options and are pretty similar

  15. I think therein lies my conundrum, I want something that I can hit with a torch once and toke it for a while which I know both can do. I am currently leaning more towards the Anvil but I love that the fusion comes with a wood stem because I know both get pretty hot.

  16. I didn’t have any problems with heat when I had my anvil and haven’t had any with my wooden stem Dani so you are pretty safe on either option

  17. I was one of the people pointing out a disagreement with the testing methodology used.

  18. looks great! i like how the bowl screws in. the spindle/tophat shape also shows off the wood really well. no stir stick + screw-in bowl makes me pretty intrigued on how or if they did something about the lotus tendency to hotspot. i wasnt hot on the multi-wpa but seeing as its press fit onto the bowl im sure an alternative will present itself. shame about that guy losing his shit on fc; im super excited to try this one out.

  19. Yea he was trippin in that thread, had no idea someone could get that angry over a dead company

  20. If it stutters by default and you need to go out of your way to fix it it's on engine, not devs

  21. Please educate yourself on what you are talking about before making a comment

  22. Believe what you want, been in this program since the start. Trim and shake look different, what's in the pic looks like trim. Shake looks like ground bud and if it's a good company it's full of keef.

  23. Shake does not equal ground bud, shake can be trim or grounded up trim.

  24. I could see your point if I’ve also said and agree about those things with the Dani but I don’t.

  25. Not going to reply to all of that since I notice which device you love so it will be pointless.

  26. No idea what a pepper mill is but yea that would work great

  27. You basically convert a salt and pepper grinder into a housing for a highlighter. I was hoping I could use that stuff even on my sticky bricks (outside of them at least)

  28. Gotcha, I have that brand it works great on the outside of my wood vapes

  29. I owned one for about two weeks, around the time I had my silver surfer and volcano hybrid.

  30. I paid $200. from a headshop buddy of mine, including the titanium hand piece.

  31. It’s dope you got the ditanium for that price, I’d say that’s a nice deal but it’s not that price online for most people

  32. How do You compare it to Anvil? I have v3 ti. I can finish a bowl in one heating cycle, if I go 20 sec past click. And the vapor is intense 😀.

  33. I’d say they are on the same level effects wise but one is a lot cheaper and comes with a nice wood stem option.

  34. Go with the roffu, I owned the AVLP for only a few weeks before I sold it.

  35. Bummer that the IH compatible cap is compatible with all models except the v3. Kind of a lack of foresight or a complete disregard to those folks who have a V3 that would like to use an IH with the Dani 🤷🏽‍♂️

  36. Yea they released an ih cap for all prior models like 2 weeks ago

  37. You forgot the "diagnosis is a privilege" despite the fact they obviously live in a middle class suburban home.

  38. It is hard, it’s expensive, the waiting lists to get in are long, insurance doesn’t always cover it, you might get a neuropsychologist who doesn’t diagnose you if you’re an adult and have to go to another

  39. I'm 31 and was diagnosed a little over a month ago. ADHD and slightly on the autism spectrum - about what Asperger's would be if it was still an official diagnosis.

  40. Same I just started meds 3 days ago, trying out the non stimulant version first. I’m hoping to see big improvements

  41. Please show me examples of me being ignorant and lacking any critical thinking ability,

  42. I’ve lived in Columbus for four years, Dayton for 18 and cinci for two and I can tell you cinci is so much more interesting for kids and young adults than Columbus. Columbus has to have been one of the more boring cities I ever spent time in. There are some attractions but Columbus is so gentrified it’s not made for kids or enjoyable for young people. Also young dairy is not Columbus so it doesn’t count. Cosi is cool but every city has museums.

  43. Columbus is definitely boring compared to Cincy and Cleveland

  44. And check out Skyline Chili, Graeters Ice Cream and Montgomery Inn Ribbs while you're here!

  45. Montgomery is pretty bad, only old ppl recommend it because they are the only ones who ate it before it became trash like 30 years ago

  46. Wrong, the 4070 Ti does not scale better with DLSS than FSR. If you have evidence of this claim I would like to review it thank you.

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