1. Have no idea how good anything on my profile is, especially my first 3 pics but I get a lot of traction on bumble and hinge

  2. I actually got on there, compared it to photofeeder results and idk

  3. Hi! I'm torn between this and a Flowerpot, mind giving me a comparison of the two?

  4. Yea I’d say they are similar in power/vapor production but it comes down to if you want an all in one solution or if you want to use the glass you already have

  5. I'm in Covington but willing to explore so long as it's not way out in the burbs

  6. Smale riverfront, Washington park, there are a bunch of cafes/coffee spots like

  7. Smale park has plenty of areas with flowers and such ppl have weddings, prom and grad pics down there

  8. How they hell do they afford that? It’s much much more than a bus or bike. Using it as your only form of transportation seems wild to me. It’s about $10-15 every time you use one.

  9. Lol this was literally me two weeks ago man I’m still working on it all, been running for many years too

  10. Whatever came with the essentials bundle, how is it on taste? Comparable to the mighty?

  11. It’s gonna depend on the temp you use tbh but the taste is just ok compared to my other vapes. I wasnt impressed by the crafty or mighty taste either tbh

  12. What temperature do you typically use to clear a bowl in one or two hits?

  13. It’s gonna depend on if you got the 3mm or 4mm rubies, I have 3mm so 620 is usually the max but people with 4mm have to set it higher

  14. And I always see this awesome POW flower but when I get it it’s nothing like the photos or reviews

  15. Same here I got some for the first time in a year and it ain’t look nothin like these pics but the effects are good

  16. I thought they were getting rid of the tier system? Does it take more days I've never noticed.

  17. I think people are being a bit disingenuous by trying to make out that this person was waiting round like a stalker looking for some guy with a vape for 5 days. Dude was at a festival for 5 days and reasonably expected that he would probably bump into the guy with the vape again during the normal course of the festival. I doubt he spent 5 days searching the festival for a fellow vaper. Let the guy enjoy his experience

  18. A lot of these people probably haven’t been to festivals or social events so they wouldn’t understand.

  19. damn I'm 6'5" and 145, no idea thug was built like me

  20. You gotta pay via check too, kinda killed my interest after waiting so long

  21. Thanks, gonna dip outta this sub since a 🤡 is running it

  22. Well it was part of the same sentence where you were talking about lusters.. You put a comma, hence why it seemed like a continuation of your statement about them and not of the entire sub as a whole. If I misread it my bad, I do agree in general there is a hype train people tend to follow.

  23. I gotcha. That's why I explained why I said what I said, so we both were clear. No biggie, super easy to misunderstand stuff here.

  24. Yea my bad, but back on the lusters I don’t have beef wit them but they really truly are no better than any other system and I believe they have been discontinued by ccell.

  25. It's the wikihow on how to roll your tongue like a tube, maybe you can find it just by googling

  26. Oh yea I already did I was just tryin to let him know, maybe it’s my app causing the issue tho

  27. The RD is trying to make himself not look so bad, he broke his own rules and the accepted rules or distance racing by allowing this family to sign up, giving them special treatment by keeping things going 2 1/2 hours past cut off and his excuse was "they would have run any way"

  28. The race director literally paid for them to be in the race, their excuse doesn’t make sense, I live downtown Cincy and there was plenty of police could’ve removed them if they tried to join the race with those kids they would’ve been obvious to spot

  29. Thanks for getting my humor.

  30. Yes I’m thinking about moving to Cincinnati.

  31. The real trip is 60% of people in ads are black. That's 4.5x the actual population. It would be like if 1 in 3 people in ads were asian. But that's extremely far from the truth. There are so many races to represent, but an even distribution would be too difficult. Instead, they just go very strangely hard on black. 4.5x reality. Actually, the U.S. white population is 61.6%.

  32. That is interesting any sources I wanna talk to my friends about this

  33. Well it's dipped because a) the translation lags badly behind the raws after the hiatus so people read it illegally now. And b) because it just isn't that good anymore.

  34. Yup I agree, it’s comical how many people on here that reference old stuff that clearly don’t matter, especially all that axis stuff. Ship has sailed on a lot of the details

  35. I decided not to renew my card this year for that very reason. I don’t want to contribute to heartless rich fuckers getting obnoxiously richer off of our illnesses. If they cared about us they’d let us grow, simple as that. We’re just dollars to them. I’d rather give the money to my plug who actually likes me and doesn’t scam me.

  36. Yea mines expires this month and I’m done after a few years in the program

  37. The whole Yasratcha and dog arc are stupider now imo. Even moreso than before. It just went in a damn circle “don’t come back, remember fear, yada yada”. No development for any of their characters or change in any of them. They are the exact same. SIU dragging the whole dog cat arc out is kinda depressing me cause it was probably my least favorite arc overall.

  38. Why do you guys think that Inuyama x Toyoda isn't gonna happen? Shes not denying the guy, she's denying herself lol, look at how she's clearly in love with him

  39. They have never been in a relationship so they wouldn’t understand(sorry I couldn’t resist taking that shot lol)

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