1. Good news! You're definitely not alone! <3

  2. I mean, i get told my hair is rad from people, regardless of gender. But I'm constantly dying it funky colours. X3

  3. I'm solo poly with one partner who has multiple other partners. I've recently been struggling with the same battle you are.

  4. You have encapsulated so much of my emotional experience. I really appreciate not feeling so alone. Thank you.

  5. You're welcome. <3 We all have to face our demons at some point or we'll have to keep running forever. Use the support you have to work through your insecurities. It sounds like they are willing to do a lot to show you they care.

  6. Ive been on a standard dose of t gel for over a year and had top surgery nearly a year ago. I have smoked weed nearly every day since before I started (i have chronic pain and it's how I stay functional). My transition has been normal as far as I can tell and my levels have been good. I just recently upped from 40mg daily to 60mg and i think things are fine.

  7. dude with the way it helps people like you and me to function normally i’d go out on a limb and say it’s a hell of a lot better than tobacco. thank you :)

  8. I won't touch cigarettes, so i concur. XD

  9. I went through top surgery nearly a year ago, now. The recovery time was probably a bit longer and i definitely spent a lot of the first 2 weeks unconscious on meds and barely ate or moved. But after that, i was able to slowly get back to everything I wanted to do.

  10. I started shaving a month in. Once a week. Now if I miss a day, it's obvious. It slowly but surely fills in. You do what makes you feel most comfortable in your skin. :3

  11. I say I eat a primarily plant-based diet. my changes have been entirely for health reasons, so i don't call myself vegan unless it's in passing or at a restaurant for simplicity's sake. I also am happy to have what I deem worth the fallout, including eggs and occasional fish. It's just not often.

  12. It's in the healthy range and if your changes are in the timeline as normal, going up isn't necessary unless your doctor agrees. I'm increasing my dose as my levels have finally stabilized just under 400 after a year of being on the same dose and slowly climbing until recently.

  13. I love your hair! So cute! Good picture-taking, too! :D

  14. The sticky is annoying and normal. I've been putting lotion on over the top to help rub in the gel after I've waited a minute for it to dry. It helps keep the sticky to a minimum and my skin doesn't get dried out from the alcohol in it. :)

  15. Okay thanks, I just wanted to make sure it was normal. I was a bit worried that it meant that it was transferring off of my skin or something and I wasn't getting the full dose. I'll definently keep on applying lotion after it dries.

  16. Yep. I've heard many a complaint about the stickiness. XD so ew.

  17. I will name myself Sol, or perhaps a longer version. Sucks that the word for sun in my lang isnt sol, and sol means left. Oh well i embrace the political connotation. I might even bite the bullet and go for solaire

  18. Oh, lovely! I like the long one, too. Different languages can make things more complicated. X3

  19. Very similar, here. I am grateful for the experience of having been raised a girl by my family. The trauma and such from being trans and the way i came out i could do without, but overall, i learned how women are treated from a first person perspective and i was encouraged to try things that, typically, men wouldn't participate in.

  20. It's human to have such complex feelings about something as difficult to sort out as gender.

  21. I kinda gave you a book to read, too. Don't be sorry. I chose to read it. XD

  22. Also, your glasses are rad as hell.

  23. The thing is, not all men are bad. She knows that. But Men are pigs. Some trans men are pigs. Some cis men are pigs. In general, toxic masculinity has created your friend's perfectly valid view of men as a whole.

  24. I haven't noticed an issue. My levels are fine. Fairly consistent is really good enough, honestly. I have forgotten mine for nearly a full day and just spaced out my next dose a bit later and went back to my normal schedule. I also have ADHD issues to contend with, so i get not having it down pat. I use alarms to remind me to take meds and eat food throughout the day. Helps quite a bit, i think.

  25. Your interest in dolls and fashion and shows with a cuter plot or romance or whatever don't make you any less a guy. Your mom feeling that way just shows how cruel we are to guys in society, not letting them have any kind of emotional growth or excitement in things that could possibly be labeled as feminine.

  26. Thank you, that makes me feel a little better about it. It’s something that I know shouldn’t be a big deal, but her opinion matters to me, so unfortunately it is

  27. People you love and not love will all have opinions about you. And you can't control them. But you can control how much you internalize those opinions as truth or valuable. She's important to you, so it's natural to put more stock in her opinion. But it is only an opinion And not fact.

  28. Thanks! I think he's a great person to get compared to. <3

  29. Don't let him move anywhere near you. You don't need his shit to deal with. He isn't your responsibility to take care of. Let him figure his own shit out without you. You don't owe him anything. Not even an explanation as to why you told him no.

  30. Thank you! I didn’t know that I would need to take them somewhere! I do have some detergent containers I could use

  31. Yea. Definitely can't send them to your normal trash disposal facility. They don't have a way to safely handle them. :3

  32. For me, i just feel more disconnected from being female. I wasn't raised with super-enforced gender roles, and while i was in the military i enjoyed being treated mostly the same as the men.

  33. I've only been on a year, but i know i have had similar feelings. <3 i didn't find being raised the way i was to be a bother. I was encouraged to be involved in sports and scouts and such. I didn't make many guy friends and all my close friends are still women who knew me before transition.

  34. Ask yourself why you're worried about them pursuing those other connections. What about that makes you anxious or uneasy? Do you worry they will leave you? If that's the case, you definitely don't want to break up. If you're worried about the potential envy you will feel with them loving others as well as yourself, that's a you thing. You need to find a way to be secure enough in yourself and in your relationship with them in order for either of you to feel like opening up is a possibility.

  35. I appreciate your advice a lot. I am definitely trying to trace how this all adds up to how I feel. I have a hard time knowing what I feel and an even harder time telling others what I think I feel. But moving forward I will do my best to communicate and understand how things play inside my head. Thanks a lot

  36. You're very welcome. I hope you can work it all out in your head so you can get it out there to discuss and work through, even if you don't pursue a poly lifestyle. It'll help no matter what type of relationship you have.

  37. Thank you, I was going for a Gerard inspired look cause my partner did Frank's X eyes! And we absolutely had a blast!

  38. I can tell! I bet your partner looked rad, too!

  39. You are both amazing and I'm glad you had a fabulous time!!!

  40. Ask your therapist to write you a note stating they believe testosterone will help to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, or gender dysphoria or whatever they feel comfortable writing down. They don't have to diagnose you with anything, necessarily. They just have to be willing to write a letter for doctors or surgeons saying they talked things over with you and think it's the right course of action.

  41. My therapist has already sent the letter by mail (not sure if they have it yet), since they had tried to fax it about four times, but the faxing failed. I’m not sure what they had written down, so I’m not sure if it was what the doctor needed. I’m also getting the T from a doctor that works in an adolescent medical care hospital so I’m kinda just confused. I picked up the T prescription yesterday and now I’m just waiting to set a nurse visit so they can show me how to use it and I’ll be set. I just thought that the therapist note would be the main important thing, but I guess since they know that my therapist is on board with it, it’s fine to go ahead? 🤷‍♂️

  42. Probably, Yea. XD sounds like they're just like "whatevs" about it. So you should be, too. Hahahahah.

  43. You are killing it, my dude! Way to work on you! :D

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