1. About 15 discussion posts scattered throughout the semester, most of them within the first two weeks. A research paper (that you make the topic of based on your major) split into parts. Wants you to read the weekly blog posts and he wants you to watch a short lecture every week (or attend). That is what I remember at least.

  2. Bro even at my community college dorms the buildings had separate systems that shit is bogus

  3. No in store person would hold the knowledge that you seek. This knowledge could maybe come from a maintenance person, but I think corporate is a good first step if it is important to you.

  4. I would maybe do Ethics and History, but IA and AP are way too much for someone coming back (in the short summer term nonetheless).

  5. If push comes to shove, I am certain that GMU actually does summer intern housing.

  6. I am in the Forensic Science major, and we have an internship course. What I did was get hired for the internship, tell the professor, get access to register, provide proof I had the internship by filling out the provided forms the professor gave me with my supervisor, and taking the course (which was like weekly check-ins and stuff).

  7. to add on to this! i would double check to see if the internship counts toward the credit, ik a couple people who applied and got into an internship and were told it wouldn’t count bc it didn’t align w their field of study!!

  8. Still wrapped? It is now your good luck charm.

  9. Just curious, where is the "here" that you speak of? Is Buc-ee's expanding into Sheetz territory?

  10. Kind of makes me mad they don’t use school zones for high schools. I swear some teenagers are dumber than elementary school students.

  11. Even my community college has a school zone lmaoooo

  12. Most of dv victims are women and children, read the statistics

  13. Men dont report due to the stigma of doing so. Though, it is not a competition.

  14. Very sorry to hear that. Just another reason why the domestic violence statistics are inaccurate.

  15. That’s how the ones near me are. I’ve seen people hit the arm because they were going too fast. The Dulles Toll road is wild.

  16. When I watched Mugen Train I dont think it was said that S2 was going to cover it yet.

  17. I'm in Richmond VA murder capital of the 90s. There's still some areas I refuse to go. Especially once the sun goes down. These deliveries aren't worth our lives. Even our local weed delivery service refuses to go into those areas.

  18. There are many fields of forensic science. Biology, chemistry, trace analysis, crime scene investigation, etc. Most forensic jobs want some type of scientific educational background. I think it would be best to find that program you want to do and ask what prerequisites they require.

  19. I think you should do the master's! You already have the math so it shouldn't me too many prereqs and you would gain another lvl of education. It is always a plus to put "master's" as your highest level of education.

  20. I recommend touring NYC if you can, it's one of my favorite cities on the planet. Lots of great places to go and food to eat. The Met is one of my favorite museums and it's right in central park, my favorite area of Manhattan.

  21. You know I actually didnt find nyc too bad to drive in.

  22. He was passing?? Also if you had a bike lane split between you and a semi wouldn't you be a bit spooked?

  23. Half the video is of him passing. Half of it is him camping. The van in front moved over like good drivers do.

  24. You give more distance to a truck then you do a regular vehicle. I bet you would also pause for a second to make sure no one else would speed by you by lane splitting.

  25. It is what I do. Love that I only gotta go to school two days a week.

  26. Fellow GAA person here. As long as you met the requirements of the GAA from your community college to GMU, you are pretty much guaranteed entry lol. Just make sure you apply with the GAA application. Nothing else is really needed.

  27. The GAA application? I thought it was just the normal transfer application, except you have to check off a GA box

  28. Yeah that is right. Sorry it has been a couple years.

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