1. I don't go anywhere without my Jansport with mini umbrella, led flashlight, and folded up windbreaker inside.

  2. It's bad. She's loud and obnoxious like she's an alcoholic about to get hammered.

  3. Not sure what you mean, but one of the lyrics of that song is about how they don't like him.

  4. Yea thats what the thing says, and they have associated initialisms like Kidnap Madonna for drug money" so i was wondering if Micheal Jackson had something like that too.

  5. Poor little guy on the bottom left looks like a little nute burn... or is that the clone?

  6. To be fair, though, movies and music over the past 20 years have pretty much gone down hill.

  7. Man, I don't know. The cannabutter I make with ABV always seems more potent than the stuff I make with herb decarbed in the oven.

  8. Is that possible with an auto brand new first grow. Yeah your right it does! I looked it up on google.

  9. Yeah, it's possible. All of these strains are hybrids, that's how you can get brand names like Gorilla Glue etc. in auto form.

  10. There is some debate about how to best understand the theory of forms. But, one candidate is that Plato is offering a theory of universals, and that is very much a live view.

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