1. Sane deal with Undertale. Young annoying fan base. I love FNF though but hate everything surrounding it

  2. The scrunkly bunkly bunkle! :D I love him sooooo much!! Scrunkly bunkly :3 :DD

  3. Wait until a robot sphere with a british accent starts knocking on the elevator...

  4. My screen is still messed after I deleted all my mods and uninstalled and reinstalled the game

  5. Oh. Maybe, something is using up your RAM? A virus, or bitcoin miner?

  6. This image helped me realize that V1 and Gabriel ULTRAKILL's dynamic is literally the Omori/Sunny dynamic :o

  7. Everyone who witnesses the Version 1 and 2 has the "Versus" motif constantly looping in their subconscious...

  8. I want to eat it so bad but, alas, I have gained double my weight by thinking about it and eating one more calorie will have me suffer from a heart attack and perish...

  9. Boneworks is still worth playing for the equipables and the (subjectively) better lighting and shading.

  10. Tc-tall character Hc-heavy character Fc-Fast character Sc-strong character Ac- Anime character(not lite?) Fr- Fucking reject

  11. Needs an 'E' at the end of his name. (I have no clue how to say his name)

  12. I've never understood this argument cause it's like, omg people should come talk to me! Why are people looking in a mirror? They should be talking! Dude I don't owe you anything go annoy other people. I was with friends all night dancing and now I'm sorta drunk and wanna look at my avatar. Go fly a kite.

  13. It's usually because they don't really like their bodies irl, and it can give them a sense of comfort to see themselves a comfort of sorts, seeing their idealized bodies speak to their friends or have a conversation can make them more comfortable with their social life. (I know from experience)

  14. Omg it's literally me!!!! I'm so quirky omg!!!!!!!! lol XD123456789 XDXDXD

  15. "erm, uhm akshuwally, you can uwse thiws thiwng cawwed 'NOCLIP'"

  16. Feeling the need to actively list every illness you have in your bio immediately makes me believe that you're faking and/or have no personality or anything interesting.

  17. I just put one of my disorders (of which I have many assorted in my closet), being my anxiety disorder, in my bio and let the ppl who meet me figure out the rest... .-.

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