1. This is great (and very helpfully timestamped)! It's been so long since I listened to the origin of the "how does it feel" song, before it was actually set to music.

  2. For the longest time I pretty much ignored Sleepwalker, but now "Life on the Road" is one of my favorite Kinks songs.

  3. You realize that this is the man who signed the civil rights act(s)? LBJ was by all accounts an asshole. This is pretty much the only form of assholery you can't accuse the man of.

  4. Yeah, it probably would have sucked to spend a day with the guy on a personal level, but he was very much in direct conflict with the men who cravenly exploited racism in that way.

  5. It's a testament to the cultural ubiquity of The Simpsons that even these people, who apparently cannot identify a single character from any other animated program by name, know damn well that's Bart Simpson.

  6. Here is the real reason I am asking: most podcasts (that are not hobbyists or supported by another business within legacy media) are in danger of going away. So since podcasts are inherently free (reading the answers, tytyty) how do podcasts survive? Or is the answer that podcasts will need to be leaner and made with less people?

  7. Lots of podcasts have implemented a paid membership (through patreon or something similar), often structured as a way to access exclusive extra ad-free episodes in addition to the ad-supported episodes that anyone can download for free.

  8. Ron Howard is the only thing that works in that episode. It was otherwise trash and I am speaking as someone that even liked "The Principal and the Pauper".

  9. "Principal and the Pauper" does sort of break Skinner's character a little, but it's also a really funny episode. I've never found it difficult to compartmentalize it as non-canonical and not have it color the way I see Skinner in any other episodes, although I understand if some people can't.

  10. I mean, the actual answer is money. Or, as a great philosopher once said:

  11. I recoil instinctually upon seeing a red baseball cap from a distance, but I'd still at least consider buying a "Make Turds Go Into Your Butt Again" hat if it showed up in the merch store.

  12. Those are just paywalled older episodes being released for free. As someone who started listening a couple seasons in, it's been great to catch up on the early stuff I missed.

  13. When they were comparing The Dark Knight to Marvel movies, I appreciated when Nicole mentioned not understanding Thanos' plan and why he'd wanted to kill half of everybody and the response was a very this-subreddit-channeling "Okay, he explains it... like... at length..."

  14. Definitely the least annoyed I've been listening to any of these (not going to resuscribe, but glad I'm listening, and always love Mantzoukas)

  15. They've really been fairly positive this whole season -- Lauren a bit moreso than Nicole, but compared to previous seasons there seem to be a lot less "ugh, we had to watch another one of these fucking things"-type comments. They loved Batman Begins, if you want to go back and give that one a listen too.

  16. You can shape Myrtles. This is not murder or bad at all. They’ll come back fully. It’s resilient

  17. I doubt anyone thinks this kills them, it's just a bummer to look at for people who appreciate the natural form of the plant and wonder why on earth anyone would spend their time and/or money to hack them up like this.

  18. Goddamn…… 2002. Really? 🤦‍♂️

  19. If you were born in 1991, this album is as old to a child born today as Abbey Road is to you.

  20. I think it only really works with George and Watto (and Jar Jar before him) because Watto is such a universally derided character and Lucas actually created him. Most filmmakers of big budget movies did not personally create those characters. Almost every big blockbuster from the past 20 years is an adaptation or sequel. Cameron and Jake Sully is the only one from those that kind of make sense, but I don't know, is Jake Sully as a concept funny enough to sustain something like that? Maybe if the joke was all about how he loves cultural appropriation or something?

  21. Spielberg and E.T. is the first pairing that came to mind, but E.T. is not derided by anyone and probably wouldn't be a very good comedy sidekick.

  22. There's an interview where he says he was writing songs for a long time. He even showed some to Kurt, but Kurt wasn't interested in any of them.

  23. They recorded one of Dave's songs (Marigold) as a b-side, so Kurt must have at least been a little bit interested.

  24. Watched Batman Returns a few years ago with friends. It's really not even a Batman movie. It's a Catwoman/Penguin movie where Batman shows up to move the plot forward.

  25. It's hard to think of a film series with wilder swings in style/tone than Batman, going from Burton to Schumacher to Nolan.

  26. I like Judge John Hodgman and TAZ is awesome. Beef and Dairy is also really good if you’re into absurdist humor. Listened to MBMBAM a few times and couldn’t get into it. Never listened to Jordan Jessie Go or any other shows on the network. I don’t think they would be for me.

  27. If you like JJHO and The Flop House, my guess is that you probably would enjoy Jordan Jessie Go. Obviously you're entirely in charge of what you decide to put in your ears, but I'd recommend finding an episode with a guest you like and giving it a shot sometime.

  28. The four of them were originally supposed to be the word H-E-L-P in flag semaphore, but they didn't like how those poses looked so they changed them. (They actually spell out N-U-J-V.)

  29. Which of course was an initialism for "Nefariously Undermining Jesus' Values", presaging John's controversial comments the following year asserting the group's superiority to Christ.

  30. The Eagles documentary is like, 6 assholes and Joe Walsh.

  31. I feel like he's such a cool guy that even a hardcore Eagles hater (thinking of a The Dude-level "I hate the fucking Eagles!" type person) would say "but Joe Walsh is still okay."

  32. I'm grateful that he finally finished Smile on his own and that the Smile Sessions were released. I will say, however, that part of me wishes he had access to the same digital tools the surviving Beatles used to release Now and Then. Maybe he would've been able to "finish" the original sessions...

  33. When the Smile Sessions finally came out, it honestly sort of blew my mind how close the album was to being finished. It's hard to imagine all the ways history might have played out differently if Smile had actually been released in 1967.

  34. The bah-cumbug and Ebenezer Splooge run was an amazing start. “Choke the biggest chicken in town!”

  35. Since he keeps things family-friendly while performing his judicial duties, I'm glad this podcast exists to give Hodgman an outlet for cum jokes.

  36. I’ve loved this podcast for many years and have shared it with friends. I’m happy to support it, but five bucks a month to only get one podcast a month behind a paywall seems a bit steep compared to the other patreons I’m already paying for like doughboys and sloppy guys, that have weekly free episodes with a bonus episode when you pay for it.

  37. I agree with all this. I'm sure they didn't make this decision rashly or without considering other options, but I've always thought the "free feed plus extra premium episodes" model (like Doughboys, Blank Check, Podcast: The Ride, etc.) seemed like the best way to monetize podcasting, since it still allows for casual fans and curious new listeners while generating income from the hardcore and/or wealthy fans who want more. I get that they probably can't generate any ad revenue from a free feed though, unlike those shows.

  38. I appreciate their criticisms of SNL and how it's supposedly a "counterculture" show that is actually pretty conservative in a lot of ways. But on the other hand, there's no chance that a truly countercultural show could run on network television for decades. Ultimately it's sort of inevitable that it's mostly safe content made by rich people.

  39. I'd just suggest that whoever will be using it gets a quick warning that the thing is SHARP, especially when it's new. They're great tools but you can definitely cut yourself if you're not careful and treat it just like a trowel.

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