1. That LotR/Hobbit stretch will be fucking rough, though. Think they’re very aware of that.

  2. There's lots of great stuff to discuss with LotR (plus probably lots of good guests who'd like to talk about them). The Hobbits are a rough watch, but I could see them being fun episodes if only for the behind-the-scenes/context talk.

  3. Definitely holly, maybe something like Mary Nell or one of the koehne hollies.

  4. It's fun to zoom in and watch their faces as Patrick empties the bottle into George's glass. Nothing spoken but a lot of things happening.

  5. “Voices can be recast” Tell that to Dan Castellanetta and Nancy Cartwright. I don’t think it will be as simple as every one makes it seem.

  6. Fox absolutely has threatened to replace the Simpsons cast in past contract negotiations. We can probably safely assume that was always just a ploy for leverage and never something they wanted to do, but the show is actually now using new voice actors for some of the non-white (er, non-yellow?) characters that had previously been voiced by the main cast.

  7. The answers to the first and last question are basically just "it depends what the contract says."

  8. You got the basics correct. A container in the ground that the downspout pours into (with a fine mech net by the downspout to filter out roof debris). Then an on demand pump at the bottom that allows us to pump it out via a hose connection. Here is more details to read through for info

  9. Thanks, the diagram on that page is really helpful in understanding how it all works. I've been thinking about getting a couple rain barrels but this is a nicer and more effective (although obviously a lot more work and/or expense) option.

  10. Ideally you run the pump on all the time to keep it from smelling sulfuric (at least from my understanding). There is a long channel in there so you can clean it out with a pump if needed. Since it really is a rock cover box, depending on the depth it will not freeze totally, and since the the pump agitates the surface under the rocks it seems to be ok. We had some cold days and it just creates a huge ice shell and pumps water underneath the ice. The ice dome insulates it so it keeps running just fine.

  11. Yes, thank you! Good to know that it doesn't require a winterizing process.

  12. And hollies: Sky Pencil. I had that and loved it. Taylor junior. I'm trying to think of another one I had. Moonglow? Thuja.

  13. Sky pencil probably won't ever get tall enough to block a 2nd story window though (or if it does, it'll take a couple decades to get there).

  14. Probably not going to work in 6a though unless it's a heck of a microclimate.

  15. Uh oh. They totally sub-tweet Blank Check up top.

  16. Janies total lack rick and morty knowledge is so funny

  17. It was interesting that PFT knew nothing about it but immediately guessed Roiland (rather than Harmon)

  18. Not a perfect example since there's a good argument that he never really got true blank checks out of it, but Kane was Orson Welles' guarantor of a lifetime of work at least

  19. Obviously in the context of the show #2 is better, but taken in a vacuum it's not that crazy to imagine there are some people who'd prefer a (non-lethal) choking by a horse-man over being fucked by a dog-man.

  20. Before you check, it's second longest ep behind Matrix Resurrections, which beats it by two minutes.

  21. I went to a taping of the Colbert Report, and he used Holland, 1945 as hype music before running out on stage.

  22. Here in the southern US they bloom like crazy in the summer, giant balls of blue and white in a lot of yards.

  23. I lived in California for a few years (before moving to a colder climate) and saw them everywhere. There are several cultivars now that are supposedly hardy in zone 6 or even up into 5. They die back in winter rather than staying evergreen, but I'm thinking I may get one this year and see how it does.

  24. It's not even a joke or a pun, just an actual thing, but how about "Fictitious Name Registration"

  25. I'm sure some nerd will complain about this being released in the main feed, but I was never able to catch Snack Pack live and find the Spotify Live app frustrating so I really appreciate this being made.

  26. I appreciate being able to hear the highlights without having to engage with Spotify.

  27. Truly bonkers that multiple people think "Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas!" is a normal thing to say to trick-or-treaters.

  28. Ooh yeah I've heard great things about the big muff, definitely on the wishlist, thankyou.

  29. The bass big muff is my favorite because it lets you combine your dry signal with the fuzz, so you can blend in more low end to taste.

  30. Just imagine what Hosea Jackson would think if he was rocketed 150 years into the future and saw this.

  31. I like the legally-distinct-from-McDonalds arches in the background

  32. After looking at this I can confidently say that they are definitely American chestnuts

  33. If there are really that many in her yard (of real size, not just little ones that haven't been affected yet) contact the USDA, your state extension agency, American Chestnut Foundation, etc. and have someone check them out.

  34. "No, not the proprietor of the eponymous department store, just an ordinary man who happens to share the name. I hope this isn't confusing for you."

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