1. Switch to luster pods you won't smoke 510's again

  2. Just like what some people have said, do not send it. Those little shards of glass can ruin your life and a $30 high isn't worth it. I recommend in the future to grab a Yocan Uni Pro. The carts magnetically drop inside the pen so if you drop it, the cart is safe. It also gives you a lot of temp control over your carts. Plus it just looks sick.

  3. You either go Wook or Sneering Techno gatekeeper in your edm journey.

  4. Use hopper to set an alert. Keep an eye on airbnb for rooms maybe 3 months in advance. I feel like this festival is slowly catching on (hopefully not too much) so it may get even more crowded going forward. Especially after how hype this year was.

  5. Truly so cringe. You know anyone that says “i kill people in real life” is just a pathetic 4chan user who probably is too weak to even injure a butterfly. It’s nice to know these people will never be loved by anyone, will die alone, and be forgotten the second they are gone

  6. Just curious where you learned of this? Can you provide a source or book that talks more about it? Ive read parts of what you stated elsewhere but cant remember where I learned about. It makes a lot of sense and ties into other theories ive heard lately

  7. Tenured professors, doctors, and psychologists can all do that but it requires advanced degrees and it can be a grind getting there

  8. Thats the hardest route. IT is way better for attaining high pay with less education.

  9. Despite his crowd and shtick of being a party boy John Summit is incredibly talented for his age. Not to take anything away from kaskade - dudes a legend & killed the main stage

  10. I agree. I saw john in feb 2021 before he got super big and everyone knew him. He and dom are both super talented for being young but I feel like the hype train has tainted their ability to do what they do best. I still love their music no matter what but seeing them live is hit or miss

  11. What talent? It just sounds like modern party tech house. He’s just a new persona for the yunginz to digest so he’s popular. I don’t see any musical breakthroughs he’s produced.

  12. I honestly wouldve spent more time down there if it weren’t for my friend I was with. He doesnt love the hard techno as much as I do. We still spent a good amount of time down there cause it was cool and shaded. I was vibin out though

  13. To play Devil's Advocate for your friend Monday was very heavy, even for me. I adore techno but I like it more percussive and groovy, even when fast. A lot of Monday's DJs were in that sorta "flavor of the month" 150 bpm daggadagga hard techno and it got a bit exhausting after a while. From Liebing's set on Sunday night all the way through Monday night it was bass pudding down there all day haha.

  14. Correct! Im personally into the very deep, progressive house as well as tech house and slower dub techno but the hard stuff is my guilty pleasure I like to enjoy once in a while haha. Glad you had fun :D

  15. $40 for a tank was asking a lot. The small fans were $10 and lasted precisely 24 hours before falling apart. Kinda disappointed but oh well

  16. Avoid lifestyle inflation except for a few areas that are important to you, and invest in your health and in your financial independence. Those two are the biggest luxuries (besides family).

  17. They love us too! When we die, they literally consume us!

  18. Same. I fully went to outer space w/ a lil shroom microdose & sleep deprivation giddiness. Underworld are ABSOLUTE LEGENDS

  19. Hey, same. I was DEAD but took a microdose of shrooms when the sun went down and was able to dance my ass off the last few hours 🥲

  20. Last year was my first Movement, and this year blew it out of the water. Just ridiculous talent. Sunday was so stacked.

  21. I agree. The closing sets really drew a young, unfavorable crowd but not everyone was an asshole. Kaskades closing set had immaculate vibes since all the kids left before he came on

  22. Lol yes. Day 3 around 8am when the plur is at its weakest and the comedowns are real. Not gonna get into details but watched home boy get into it with a gang banger looking mf and try to throw a damn flying roundhouse only to over extend and lay out flat on his back. It took everything in my power not to openly cry laugh at that because I wasn’t trying to be the new subject of his ire but that shiz was funny

  23. My wife and I's first time also. Driving up from St. louis. Super excited!

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