1. I think this should be flaired inconclusive rather than ongoing as there has been no activity on OOPs account since the first update.

  2. I’ve changed the flair to inconclusive.

  3. The one where OPs wife got pregnant and not only was extremely ill and bed-bound throughout, also became a sociopathic monster. After having the baby she wanted to do it all again, understandably op was adamant no. Common consensus was that it wasn’t pregnancy that caused the behaviour, this was just who she was underneath

  4. Is there a BORU for the one where she caught her fiance cheating a d was going to get an abortion? He threatened to sue her.

  5. There isn't a BORU post for it, but here's a

  6. Does anyone know about the updates of "I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years because of a tik tom comment"? I am unable to view the updates cuz the account is deleted

  7. The post where a bloke accused a (gay) redheaded coworker of having an affair with his wife because the new baby had red hair.

  8. I remember that one! OOP and bf/dad were at a club or something and mom came in. Bf/dad saw mom, lost all color in his face and hightailed it out of there. Then ghosted OOP.

  9. I'm looking for a post about a women who was a SAHM, her husband handled all their finances, budgeted for and did the shopping. One time he couldn't go do the shopping so he told her to make a list of what needs to be bought, gave her the money and told her not to buy anything that wasn't on the list. OP finds running shoes that were on sale, there was still some money left over and she knew her husband needed new running shoes. When she gave them to him he got really mad at her for buying something that wasn't on the list. I need to know if there was ever an update to that post.

  10. Looking for a post about a woman whose parents are suing her for $75,000. Mostly to make her unable to discuss to anyone (even medical professionals) about the abuse she dealt with from them

  11. I’ve changed the flair to inconclusive.

  12. I’ve changed the flair to ongoing.

  13. If you’d like to be official on FB ask your partner to do it next time. Also take cute pictures with them, share it yourself and maybe encourage them to post it too. I think it’s important to communicate what you want in a relationship.

  14. Have you asked her where she got it or what it’s called?

  15. I'd say ongoing, because we don't have an update yet for how the friend likes the Christmas present and I wanna know.

  16. I’ve changed the flair to ongoing

  17. Hi, I’m the OP. The dress was “lost in a move” while my friend was in college. It was later revealed that the step wife / step wife’s family took the dress and sold it

  18. How did your friend’s dad react when he found out his wife stole and sold the dress?

  19. Where's the narwhal on the app? I've searched all up and down my profile but can't find it.

  20. If you're on the home page, it's in the upper right corner nearer your avatar. If you don't see it there, click on the avatar in the upper right corner. Underneath your karma points you should see a green narwhal, it says " Review your Reddit Recap". Click on that, then keep swiping up until you see the hours you spent on the top three subs you frequent.

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