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  1. Wasn’t there just an article on here saying even the rail workers wanted to avert the strike? I’m all for staffing the railroads sufficiently to allow for sick time but I work in manufacturing with other exempt engineers and we always coordinate our time off so at least one of us is available. We’re not going to go lines down just because I have the shits. Their jobs are protected by FMLA and they have short term disability coverage, if they have a serious medical condition they need to recover from.

  2. Nobody WANTS to have to strike. That's like, the last resort when other negotiations fail.

  3. Doug on King of Queens totally enjoyed his strike.

  4. Your only example being a fictional character proves my point so hard

  5. Imagine after twenty years and God knows how many chapters to finally get to the end and discover that the true One Piece was the friends they made along the way

  6. "Hey Star Wars, you don't need 12 movies, 9 TV series, and 55 years to tell A story"

  7. So what you're saying is that One Piece started out good, and is now flaming dogshit?

  8. Idk what it is, but it’s most likely not a face. Humans are really good at thinking anything is a face (pareidolia) not to mention this is a super distorted face. She’s alone in the tunnel as you can tell by her shadow so it’s not another kid, but it might just be some weird combination of reflection and another window in the tunnel

  9. First, it's important to remember that the Pokédex refers to legends and mythology surrounding a Pokémon as frequently as categorical facts. Like the entry for Phantump from Pokémon Y:

  10. There is a very small chance that Gojo can't resist it, but Accelerator definitely can.

  11. Firstly he wins more through cleverness and archery than raw brawling.

  12. Yeah, but we shouldn't go along with anything crowder does.

  13. After the events of the show, she went insane, got locked up in an asylum, was brought out to help Zuko find his mom, escaped, kidnapped children, was thwarted, and was never seen again

  14. From what I’ve heard (I haven’t actually seen the last film so truthfully I have no authority to comment) the main characters go “Somehow Palpatine returned” which is the go to line for memeing on episode 9. I understand that there actually is an explanation about cloning and such but given that there was literally 0 previous set up for such a reveal I do think it’s just been shoehorned in at the last second. As much as I try to love the sequels, they had a real issue in their creation process which they sadly suffered because of.

  15. The explanation Palpatine himself gives is LITERALLY "I've died before."

  16. I mean, up till Ye said he liked Hitler, had he said anything definitively worse than Trump had said before Trump won?

  17. During the moonchase event one of the records mentioned a 60 mile long defense line around the chasm.

  18. Not a 60 mile line around the chasm, but moving back to a point 50 or 60 miles from the chasm, IIRC.

  19. I dunno man. “I like Hitler” and “I loooooove Nazis” is probably a step way too far for even the shitty admins.

  20. Nah, his quirk would Be Massive Durability. Which is Still good but it doesn't compare to shigaraki

  21. His quirk is Re-Destro's. OP stated Doofs mind is what got transported, into destro.

  22. R1 and R2, Dalinar, easily. He can take hits from the Jedi, but they can't take any from him. Shardplate also makes him probably on par with the speed and agility that the Jedi have.

  23. there is no miracle , MHA is just suck at world building, no society was or is ever relied on a single person

  24. Having super power do not suddenly make them not human anymore, they would still need government, organization,... to run society, which this series did have, police is still a thing here, isn't it. All Might is not even omnipresent or anything like that, he can't be everywhere all the times, he is just a dude who can punch really hard, he can't cure disease like doctors, teach math to every single school in the world, or magically solve all logistic problem. Not to mention things like racism, classes oppression,... already existed in society that he can't never punched through. No, with super power or not, society still need people to operate, not a single individual

  25. Everything you listed relied, even just mentally, on All-Might.

  26. Naruto one punched Toneri who split the moon in 2 without trouble

  27. What's the problem? I don't know what the issue is so if it could be clarified that would help.

  28. Uh, okay then, I don't really understand that. To be honest I don't want that sub, but a former mod of mine wanted me to take it over for them, so I did.

  29. It's called a Kirara Jump. and every show that is carried by Manga Time Kirara has one in the OP

  30. it was, then Ventai's mod quit, and gave it to VentiHentai's mod.

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