Roommate destroyed my setup before I got home

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  1. It's actually a good game, but after the mid point I felt it started to drag more than I enjoyed. But I'll say this is probably also (and mainly) a result of me trying to do everything instead of focusing on the main mission more and then coming back to the side quests later.

  2. Pretty much same complaints. Game is pretty repetitive and bloated. Suffers same issues as Ubisoft open world games.

  3. Because it's the same nonsense 9/10 times. Either someone is "looking to get started" (use flippin' Google), has "lost all motivation" (we don't care), or wonders if they can blatantly rip off copyrights (you can't).

  4. A: Don't use a grass prefab. Will tank performance before you get anything near a convincing effect.

  5. That is sad for his family to abandon him like this.

  6. Best to ignore this all and wait for conclusion. To many experts giving their take what will happen where some are 100% convinced this deal won’t go through.

  7. Why? Unless not telling us the full story the person seems mentally pretty unstable.

  8. Callisto Protocol would take a new game over a remake of a game I already played.

  9. I was there from OG Xbox Live Halo 2 days and yes it was much more crazy back then but do I miss it? Not really.

  10. Enjoyed Control overall better game than Alan Wake but the characters and story in Control were pretty forgettable.

  11. Kid? Mate you must be the child defending this shit I actually remember getting full games on launch not this half arsed shite

  12. Apart from the micro transaction and battle pass he is right though? Why would they give you a expansion for free? Expansion pack being paid isn’t something new.

  13. Ok don’t think anyone mentioned “Bahamut”. 5……4…..3…..2……1 Megaflare.

  14. Sorry but those skins look awful on the PS5 and Series X but your personal choice.

  15. The full video shows he was hesitant to give his stuff away while the woman was pulling it. Apparently the woman is actually a con artist. They target lone men carrying a lot of stuff and offer help then run with it. This is a mall in Shenzhen, China specializing in electronics at discounted prices so they attract a lot of certain customers and a majority of them are male. Not sure how true that is but video paints a different picture.

  16. Now the random greyed out tab look weird on the dash.

  17. Halo 2 and 3 the time when Halo was an absolute juggernaut.

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