1. No way. If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism. Every single autistic person is different. Personalities vary intensely. Just because one autistic man comes across creepy doesn’t mean all autistic men are creepy. That’s ableist.

  2. Can you elaborate more? She is super progressive so I can’t imagine why someone would not like her representing them!

  3. Ummm…. Anyone who said no needs to look up dilated cardiomyopathy. This isn’t a joke. Tooo many of y’all said no.

  4. I have images from X-rays too if you want to see i can go into detail from a specific case

  5. They do this because they naturally want running water. There could be small stuff we don’t see floating around in the water

  6. So I don’t understand the hype about this food tbh… I know chicken is it’s first ingredient and that’s important, but the very next ones are barley, wheat, and corn and whole grain this and that. Dogs are not supposed to have grains like that. That’s very strange to me that everyone’s so hyped up about this nasty food!

  7. thats actually not true at all. Grains are essential to a balanced diet

  8. Yeah, you can literally Google it. Dogs aren’t supposed to have grains.

  9. Not that much! They’re carnivores. And before you say anything, yes, they’re domesticated but humans are still lactose intolerant and we’ve been drinking milk for centuries. Even humans aren’t supposed to have many grains, yet it’s considered a key staple

  10. I actually don’t think it’s inappropriate because our clinic sends out cards such as sympathy cards and even birthday cards to some clients. I don’t think it would be a big deal to send a card letting them know one of their long time employees is leaving. Just as long as it had the clinic address. Ask your receptionist or vet if it’s okay if you really are worried

  11. I was simply unaware that a biopsy could confirm rosacea, and was wondering if you knew what specifically identified it as rosacea, or whether they simply excluded lupus through the biopsy and thus landed on rosacea.

  12. Looking back at my biopsy results, it said, “interface dermatitis and mucin deposition.” And my rheumatologist wrote, “The patient’s lab results thus far favor limited cutaneous lupus.” But my dermatologist is still treating it as only rosacea.

  13. Hm. Have you thought about Lyme disease with the joint pain and all? Usually not easy to diagnose.

  14. I know this is old but I’m still trying to find out answers. If it is a tick born illness causing flares, would my face react to that as well?

  15. Why would you use someone else’s food without checking and then be upset with them like it’s their fault you got sick? I’m sorry but you did this to yourself. You have no one to blame but yourself.

  16. Dogs already try to cover up their symptoms and hide their pain. If a dog seems to be in pain, they’re in a lot of pain. You shouldn’t try to hide it more because they’ve already been hiding it

  17. If you want them super customized, you could design some on canva and then print them at staples. There's also some good premade ones on etsy.

  18. I never thought to look at Etsy! I’ll have to look at those and see what they’re like

  19. I prefer moisturiser and then SPF because heat is a trigger for me, so I need a soothing barrier before my SPF

  20. Oh wow! I’ve never heard of those mirrors I just looked them up and put one in my cart! Lol thank you!

  21. The one I'm seeing is ARFID informed. Right now we're focusing on getting on a better eating schedule and making sure I'm eating enough throughout the days from a calorie standpoint. From their we'll work on planning out meals that are more balanced using the foods I can already eat. Then, we will start introducing new foods. She's not exactly creating a meal plan so much as educating me and helping me come up with healthful options.

  22. I would love it even if my dietitian would do that!! She just tells me not to eat the things. I need other options. What’s a good substitute? And she’s not helping at all

  23. My dietician helps me make better choices within my restrictions and encourages me to try new foods, however I have fear based Arfid not sensory. I feel that it’s okay not to make a meal plan because that would take up too much time in the session.

  24. When I come to her with a list of things I can’t eat, I would hope that she would suggest something else. Not just tell me to not eat those things.

  25. I think I notice it lags a bit less in the immediate area when there are lots of items. I did see some castle walls lag but they were far in the background. But I usually have more of a lag problem on my island and it seems better I think.

  26. I just don't think it's very respectful in general to steal a contry's native language, change it so it doesn't make sense, & then claim that those changes are correct. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not kleptophobic or anything. If your contry wants to use another contry's language over your own native language, that's fine but just be respectful of it. Other contries like Australia and Canada use our language too but they don't outright change anything. At most, they add slang terms to the language and that's about it.

  27. If you’re so bent on saying it a certain way in the US, what about freedom of speech? Lol

  28. At my clinic us techs get handed the easy ones, if they’re difficult our vet makes the owner restrain their dog and if they’re not restraining them properly he tells them how to and if it’s still a struggle we get asked to step in and help but the owner still helps. I think he does this so not only do they end up having to participate in caring for their own dog, then they also get a little education lesson. He’s all for informing and instructing the owners and even telling them off if he has to. Lol

  29. This is such a huge liability for your practice! Owners should not restrain their own animals regardless of whether the patient is easy or difficult. There is potential for the client, staff, or patient to be injured, and if it's the client, your practice may be legally on the hook for treatments. Please please bring this up with your practice owner or practice manager!

  30. Our vet is the owner/manager/boss and he’s been doing things his way for 40 some odd years. It’s his way or the highway. He doesn’t care what I have to say. Sad but it’s true.

  31. Okay thank you. I'm scared they'll cause me to develop heart problems but so would high BP. I don't know why it's still high I lost 55 pounds. If I need to lose another 55 I'll do it. I'll be 125 pounds if need be

  32. The diuretic can cause higher blood pressure because you’re not retaining water. Why are you on the diuretic, if you don’t mind me asking?

  33. I clarified. I even blanetenly asked him of it isn't lupus or arthritis then what is it. What do I have. I made sure I was not misunderstanding. I even asked why the meds if I do not have an autoimmune disease. He answered to help my pain and inflammation. And tried to put me on a diet and exercise plan. I do exercise some...very low impact. However I have gastroparesis and cannot eat fruits and veggies....well I can. But it's very painful.

  34. Fruits and veggies with a high GI index are easier and quicker to digest. Fruits such as bananas, mangos, cherries, grapes, watermelon pineapple, cantaloupe, kiwi, and dried fruits like raisins or cranberries. Veggies such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, sweet corn, and green peas. These are just ones I found

  35. Unfortunately I can’t get on rn, but I would love to take a look at your island! Do you have a dream address?

  36. This question is asked here every so often, don’t worry about it. Nut is totally gluten free, regardless of if they eat gluten (unless that dick was rolled in flour, but that’s a whole different problem)

  37. I’m just curious if you know how that works because I’ve heard stories of a guy eating a pb&j earlier in the day and his partner, who was allergic to peanuts having an allergic reaction after a bj. How is gluten different? Just curious if you know.

  38. This is main difference between the auto-immune reactions vs. anaphylactic shock reactions: epi pen vs. avoidance

  39. Yeah, bit just because you don’t notice it doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you.

  40. that means “despite being processed in a facility with wheat, its been tested and has been certified to be gluten free”.

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