1. Braniac, Saferwaters, Well enough alone, and Straight Jacket Fashion for me

  2. On its own really good but I just don't like the amount of characters that are just gone. Namely Cole. Maybe that's just me being too nostalgic but I didn't feel like it was time to move on from the core team yet

  3. These look awesome! Must have come out during my “too cool for LEGO” phase.

  4. It's this, power miners, bionicle and hero factory for me

  5. Bullets and blue eyes. Underrated as shit

  6. Honestly? I'd have a ball just hearing one by one

  7. What if they killed the wither storm

  8. This a rare thing for me to say but I'm honestly with Mario on this one

  9. Zane's titan mech is retiring soon so I'd go for that, but crystal king is also great

  10. Became a fan in about 2011 and then dropped off in 2019 due to the sheer lack of content but then came back after the second movie

  11. Metalingus, Broken Wings, Find the real

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