1. temp chains, enfeeble, and punishment are generally good for all builds.

  2. Does some kind of Antivir block the download or eat the zip file on a false positive?

  3. You probably built too big initially. T1 and T2 space science can essentially be done with 1 building per card for most of them. As you noticed research does fly pretty fast for the first two tiers. Something as low as 1 science per minute is enough to keep you going there.

  4. Another way to unlock them quickly is to press ~ and write: /unlock-shortcut-bar. It will unlock the BP shortcuts, and doesn't disable achievements.

  5. The key left of 1 its not ~ for every keyboard layout I believe.

  6. Set the train limit on your depot stations according to their capacity.

  7. Settings -> Graphics -> Atlas texture size and set that to the lowest. This will mitigate most of the spikes.

  8. Wow, thank you so much. It helped, tremendously. Also, this is so freaking obscure! I'd never think of it without your input. By specific mod combo you mean K2 + SE? I played it before, ~1,5 year ago and I don't remember any issues.

  9. Its not consistent and only affects a small percentage of players. I am not even sure if anyone has found a pattern yet. I think its only known to happen when SE and K2 are combined. Each on their own is fine.

  10. Interesting rail grid; do you remember where you picked that up?

  11. The wires are there to reduce overshoot during loading, it accounts for everything on the belt and also in the "hand" of the miniloader and considers it as "loaded into the train", in my tests it still overshoots by exactly 44 items because the miniloaders taking out of the warehouse can't be set to "read hand contents" as it would intefere with their "set filters" setting.

  12. To solve the mystery why there is grass on the icon:

  13. Grim Dawn has a neat high fantasy Eldritch Horror setting with guns, cannons and gunpowder being a fully integrated part of the world.

  14. The Arcanum angle of Technology vs Magic in the sense that they diametrically opposed as Technology relies on the laws of physics applying and Magic essentially breaking/nullifying these laws feels so underused.

  15. sure i dont mind seeing what community servers there are, watchya got?

  16. You seem to have a lot of electric network usage. Are all planets sufficiently powered? Are you using a lot of power switches? Insufficiently powered machines and inserters can have a considerable performance impact especially with flickering power as the game needs to adjust speeds based on available power.

  17. i guess? what is that stuff and what is that icon and what are we looking at?

  18. I've played for 750~ hours, vanilla and several large (but balanced) mods. I personally never use intersections larger than simple roundabouts.

  19. If I understood the research correctly: The bots still die with the research, but you can have larger networks without them dealing damage when exploding?

  20. Correct; also make sure you always have a few construction bots around to pick up the dropped goods when a bot explodes.

  21. I'm getting 2.4GW for the 16 reactors. Do the Nuclear plant numbers change in the mods? SE or K2?

  22. K2 make nuclear reactors a lot stronger your typical 2x2 comes in at 1.5GW instead of the usual 460MW.

  23. Meteors are a general hazard but early on they will most of the time miss you. You will get defence cannons later to intercept them.

  24. Sometimes ideas just do not pan out and then its better to cut content.

  25. Note that this can easily be achieved by setting the default in the settings to 5 million, it is not necessary to set it for each station.

  26. In my case, no other closer planet/moon had any cryonite at all. One of Nauvis' moons (the one with oil) is supposed to have some cryonite to get you started, but it rolled without any icy patches. Just bad luck.

  27. I feel like the moon is a bug. I was annoyed so I regenerated the terrain multiple times with different settings and seeds and never got Cryonite.

  28. Cryonite requires to have Ice/Snow as the tile under it otherwise it gets deleted. Similar to how ores get deleted when they overlap with water.

  29. You are using an outdated version of the Crash Site scenario. It was fixed that about 2 months ago.

  30. Out of curiosity how were those numbers calculated? As in what is the base data set?

  31. Arcanist brand bfbb? Do you trigger bladefall with arcanist brand and manually blast them?

  32. Yes, arcanist brand has less AoE and always targets dead center on the mob so you get a lot of overlap from BB.

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