1. If she’s a feminist. Not the ones who genuinely care about what’s best for women , and fight for equal pay etc . I’m talking about the “I hate men” “Men aren’t good for nothing” kind . Instant turn off

  2. The women that say things like 'men are trash' or 'kill all men' as a 'joke'.

  3. If he isn’t physically touching her, I would see what her reaction is. If she reciprocates, then I would leave as I just dodged a bullet. If she shoots him down, I make my presence known to prevent a potential negative reaction from the guy towards her

  4. Yes. It would take a huge pressure from my shoulders to do something significant with my life, because suddenly almost nothing would matter

  5. To be completely honest. I don’t think I would be able to deal with it, it’s like everything I’ve ever known would be turned upside down. Yet at the same time, there is a part of me that wants to discover extraterrestrial life

  6. Eww that looks disgusting ugh. Like idk why but it gives me such a strong feeling of disgust. Disgusting

  7. Yep it’s just like when you walk out of a store without buying anything , you just feel guilty even though you didn’t steal anything

  8. Omfg that's insane. this dude today literally said "you don't look mentally ill, so tell me why you think you are"

  9. But .. but dude you can’t say that , it’ll hurt peoples feelings

  10. I got bullied all the way from 6th grade up until 7th grade. I got tired of his shit and for the first time in my life fought him back, and beat the absolute shit out of him. Never knew I could fight until then. He never missed with me again after that, and we sorta became friends

  11. You’d be surprised at how even a fight between two men of different sizes and absolute strength actually is.

  12. I would hazard a guess it's opposite. So many women overestimate their strength in relation to men that they honestly think they can take on men, and many of the systemic protections FOR women due to their vulnerable nature are seen as patriarchal oppression.

  13. I know a lot women like this , I have a friend who constantly says “I fight men” I’m like sweetheart , you haven’t fought an actual man, play fighting with your brothers and cousins is much different than fighting an actual man, he will ragdoll you and completely embarrass you. She just can’t get it through her brain until a man actually gives her a reality check

  14. Wait until there’s an argument. Women love killing a man’s confidence just to win petty disputes. They’ll spill anything you don’t want to know most likely.

  15. Whew, man I know this here to be true. Sad thing is they don’t apologize afterwards either

  16. It would be quite silly to assume that other life forms don't exist, however odds are not that great on ever meeting with other intelegent life form, distances is far to big, and living in a same time in d even more unlikely....

  17. Humans became technological on some level about 50 years ago. And we nit even sure if something like interstellar travel Is possible.... What is a chance other much more advanced species living now and near enough to get to us? Slim to nothing...

  18. Very very true. Not only that what makes earth so significant that they’d even be interested in us to begin with, there are probably far more bizarre , technologically advanced civilizations that we can even imagine. We’re probably just a bunch of ants to them

  19. Proud of you Reddit stranger. It’s so easy to slip back into our old ways , at the slightest hint of discomfort. Keep striving to be better

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