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  1. It says I’m not eligible for promo code even though my account is veryfied

  2. Will there be an iOS version. I want to play Pokémon against my cousin.

  3. Are you trying to start a geek war? This is how Xerox fell, you know. Some guy in the break room asked what could be better than laser printers and they thought for so long that nothing else got done. I bet we can't even agree on the power supply.

  4. I saw one of your comments as your budget for 1500 - 2000, I play pretty intesive games like MSFS, Arma, DayZ, COD, etc here are my specs excluding my SSDs: (prices in todays market)

  5. Yep everyone needs to see one piece and enjoy luffys adventure.

  6. You remember that some hollows do have a limit to their power, like Grimmjow's fraccion hit a point where they just stopped getting more powerful regardless of how many hollows they ate. There's only a few hollows that are able to push themselves to evolve into Vasto Lorde.

  7. Though Ichigo is the main character so it all depends on plot but side character give more information about the world and how it works.

  8. Thanks I had my doubts cause of arrancars like yammy and ulquiora who seem to have no limit to their power.

  9. It’s called Verdóloga. It cousin of the Don Diego. They come in as many colors as you can imagine.

  10. Nice! Been playing for 2 months and 6 is the highest I got 😬

  11. Love these guys! And alocasias. Is the rock to weigh it down and keep it from toppling over? Just curious. Also how often do you water your outdoor potted ones?

  12. Nah, the rocks are only for decoration. The soil is enough to weigh it down. I live in Puerto Rico and most of the time it rains. So I don’t have to water them even in winter.

  13. Would the dust still be the problem because I’ve also search about it and it says it could short out if there is dense dust accumulation on the wires? Thank you for the suggestion though I’ll definitely look into it.

  14. Psu. Likely from the gpu power draw or line power in. Get a sine wave battery backup to smooth ouf the signal in. Also psu swaps are easy. Just take pictures, take your time and plug where the old was plugged. Easy peasy. Good luck

  15. Will any PSU work or can some fry my components? My computer is an Azer desktop and I bought it around 2018 or 2019 from Amazon. The only part I customized was the GPU which is a GTX 1650 or 1660( frankly I don’t remember) and uses 200watts( that’s why it’s taking 500 watts to power my computer but the PSU is 300 watts). I’ve also researched that information but I’ve seen computers completely fry because of the PSU being 200 or 300 watts higher than it needed. Will it fry my very old motherboard? It’s a working computer that I use for gaming so it’s not optimized for gaming.

  16. She is tired of people fighting for her. She is an independent woman.

  17. NATO shows up behind him with a menacing stare: are you sure about?

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