1. This is a liability for the tree that you should not assume, especially at the price online nurseries charge. You should definitely contact them. I've seen this happen with Japanese maples when a grower uses a soil mix that retains too much moisture.

  2. The Soap is a sativa leaning hybrid with different parents: Animal Mints x Kush Mints. Zoap is Rainbow Sherbet x Pink Guava.

  3. Steganosporium ovatum is a fungal infection that causes black structures to cover the tree's bark, when a maple tree suffers an ongoing weakness brought on from maple tree decline.

  4. My next question, is the fungal infection contagious through root system? As i have other maples that are planted nearby and one other tree seems to have an early appearance of this fungal as well. Is there any treatment options.

  5. Looks like Cottonwood seeds (poplar tree) from the Populus genus. Populus tremula and Populus nigra are species native to Northern Europe.

  6. Living in the Southern Great Lakes region, this happens a lot. Majority of the trees leaf out and recover.

  7. Oh I'm not worried about the tree dying. This is the second year in a row the buds have popped out early and then destroyed by a cold snap :(

  8. Oh good, because the "RIP to all magnolias" made me think you were worried about them dying, so I wanted to let you know they'll be fine.

  9. I get a different conclusion from the study. The basic terpene profile is genetic and the concentration (mg/g) is influenced by environment.

  10. After the tree is cut down water, mycelium, and freeze thaw starts to break down the wood in the stump. As the wood slowly decays it holds more moisture. Moss begins to grow and covers the stump. Moss itself helps hold water which speeds up decay. A seed from another tree falls on the mossy stump. The moss does a good job of holding the seed in place and gives it a good balance of moisture and oxygen allowing the seed to germinate. The roots work their way through the moss and the combo of moisture, oxygen, and organic matter from the rotting stump gives the seedling everything it needs for optimum root growth. Most of the roots run along the surface of the stump working their way down the stump sides into the forest floor. After the stump rots away you get a tree that looks like the soil eroded away with thick exposed roots standing tall, but it's actually the void that was left after the stump completely decays.

  11. The terpenes on the 24% THC 2.84g of Royal Pam are: myrcene 13.10mg, limonene 4.25, a-pinene 4.10, b-pinene 2.140, linalool 1.21, b-caryophyllene 1.15, and a-terpineol .44

  12. Reminds me of oak and more specifically red oak. Common oaks found in VA are chestnut oak, northern red oak, black oak, white oak, pin oak, willow oak, southern red oak. Here is the page for Southern Red Oak from the wood database:

  13. The short branches tend to be on the prevailing wind side of the pine. The long branches extend downwind.

  14. Lichen on the bark is nothing to be concerned about. Otherwise please elaborate what you're concerned about.

  15. Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire' is another possibility. The bark color change from brown in the summer to red in the winter is more drastic than Sango Kaku when young.

  16. This article maybe helpful in figuring it out. From the University of FL Extension:

  17. That's one of the worst things about this. I love Mycrene. That's why I took a chance and bought this. I'm really not someone to bitch about stuff but this is literally not able to be smoked. It's that bad.

  18. Check out Galenas Alien Pebbles if you love Myrcene. 4% terpenes with around 3% Myrcene. That stuff is amazing. Makes me feel like I'm on vacation chilling on the beach. Time slows down and I could care less about anything but enjoying the moment.

  19. I have some of this in artifact right now and am lovvvving it. I know what you mean about absolutely no cares in the world.

  20. It's so good that if I could only have one daytime strain Alien Pebbles would be it. You could be having the worst day and one session completely turns it around. Anger, stress, anxiety is no match for this great medicine. Out of the Artifact jar it smells amazing, grinds up beautifully, and sticks to my fingers.

  21. This strain is great for pain (lower back, legs, and knees) and one of the best for inflammation. Good for sleep too. One of those rare strains that consistently provides pain relief into the next morning when I use it before bed. Definitely one of my favorite strains because it provides such great relief.

  22. Suggested disinfectant? Just alcohol, flame it? Bleach? Lots of options depending on what you're disinfecting.

  23. I use Isopropyl alcohol (91%). I like Isopropyl because it will sanitize without damaging the metal on your pruners and hand saw. With a hand saw I prefer using a spray bottle with Isopropyl especially on the fine tooth Japanese pull saws. Water and bleach is too corrosive on high carbon steel. I use Camellia oil as a lubricant and to protect the metal from corrosion during the growing season. In high humidity or during the off season I use jojoba oil to offer better protection.

  24. This is solid advice but use 70% isopropyl (ethyl works too) as opposed to 90%+. The slower evaporation rate and longer surface contact is preferable to that of the higher concentration. The limitation of alcohol is that it isn't necessarily effective as a sporicidal. Try to avoid or limit contact with plastics or rubber.

  25. I agree that 99% Isopropyl will flash off too fast to be effective. I prefer the 91% Isopropyl, because the 91% sold today is more like the 80% that you would buy 15 years ago. It also loses its potency each time you open it. I get it from the drug store out of convenience, but I assume the quality maybe better from a different source. I appreciate you bringing it up and I updated my post to reflect 91% as a point of clarity. Thanks!

  26. If you have a 10x lense and some time this page maybe helpful. It contains a 2-part video series meant as a high-level overview of how fossilized wood can be identified in TX. From the site:

  27. You're welcome. Awesome fossilized wood by the way, definitely a great find! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Any strain you would recommend by them and yeah I tried them once I never see half ounces I hate buying 2.8 such a rip off in my opinion

  29. I really enjoyed frx Tahoe OG. I found it great for pain and sleep. It's also the best I've found for headache relief. Taste reminded me of Jedi Kush. I heard people say good things about their Jordan 23. Their runtz was a complete dud for me. Good flavor but absolutely no effects. Still sitting in my drawer because it does absolutely nothing for me.

  30. I saw that too and it looked so good. It was gone before I had a chance to pick it up. Excited to try it!

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