1. Are you sure it's not spelled Jeough?

  2. "They can be stopped before they pull the trigger." This is a great ending to a dramatically written piece. Great artistic value.

  3. The typo in the headline messed with me.

  4. E 4th Plain and Brandt Rd. There are frequent shootings there. Also, E 18th St/20th St between Brandt Rd and N. Grand. The speed limit is 25 MPH and there are a couple of gentle curves, so people who don't believe in speed limits crash into houses, parked vehicles and fences. Enjoy!

  5. I once lived in the apartment that was closest to 4th Plain on the second floor. We had nightly entertainment. But the best was the hot days in summer when the Western sun beat against our back wall. Melted some candles like that once.

  6. I've done this, and the recommendation I have is, of course, pull it all out in the spring when the soil is wet. If you want to use herbicides, don't use ROUNDUP, and really contemplate your distance from groundwater sources when you do.

  7. I'd join a small group (3 or 4 women) who want to hike, but any more than that and someone winds up getting bossy or dragging everyone down and then I lose my taste for it all.

  8. I blended a peach with a closeup of my dog's fur.

  9. No one is asking for originals. We are asking for the prompts used to generate original MJ art. That’s it.

  10. I think it should be okay for people who don't want to share to not be pressured into it. Freedom to choose is fine.

  11. Agree. That's why I said 'customary'. Can't force people. But then the question is: what are you here for? To share experiences or to collect upvotes?

  12. We're not supposed to talk about the film floating on the Willamette...

  13. None I can think of. Anyone know if there’s some good Hungarian places around? I’d love to try goulash that isn’t from my mom for once!

  14. Yes! There's Novak's in Albany Oregon. They have terrible hours for our schedule, but if you really want great Hungarian, this has the real deal. My father was an immigrant, and his mother (my Najmama) came to the states to visit and would cook for us. Novak's has the flavor I remember from then.

  15. I almost forgot they were there! Thanks for the reminder.

  16. I call that a "Nothing Really Mattress." That's what I call all mattresses that are left abandoned as trash. I hope you enjoy my little pun whenever you find one.

  17. Any way the wind blows, I am going to use that as a caption the next time I find a mattress!

  18. Last month I was walking with a friend down an alley in a city where we saw one and I said this to her. She was annoyed that it was so easy to pass on an earworm. She's still salty about it.

  19. I think we should create an annual holiday around this event. Perhaps stand on some local hilltop with beverages and toast the REAL happy hour.

  20. I'm down. Organize it and I'll be there next year. And I'll bring the firewood.

  21. Where's the best place to watch the sunset? I thought about Hazel Dell Park, but maybe there's someplace taller with a good Western view that isn't the Falk Street Pedestrian crossing over SR 500.

  22. The amount of sugar in everything. It's so very very much

  23. It's one of the older parts of town, so I'd be surprised if many of the streets were even wide enough for a bike lane. It scares me to see bicyclists on Hwy 99.

  24. Yeah I just close my eyes as I'm going through that tunnel. It really sucks.

  25. Why do people keep crashing into buildings other than trying to steal ATMs or absolutely fried out of their minds or too short to see over the wheel? I don’t get it.

  26. Fun bit of trivia here: Those posts to his left and right are called "Stops." When he wants to max out the power of the pipes and play this thing at 100, he pulls all of them out to their full position, which allows maximum air to go through the pipes. This is where we get the phrase "Pulling out all the stops."

  27. Lisa's has good food. I'm there nearly every Saturday.

  28. Thank you, there is a vast difference in ideas on the internet and irl. Just because Twitter canceled somebody doesn’t mean they’re done for good IRL. What’s crazy is we’re focusing so much on how to customize this “digital future world” while actively avoiding the real problems on planet earth. Fascinating dichotomy

  29. There's a line in a Michael Franti song, "Tryin' to take a bite out of your ATM card." You can't eat on the internet.

  30. Whenever someone wants you to vote against something that might benefit all of society, follow the money.

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