1. Way more popular? Definitely not. I would not be playing this game if it charges $60, and with $60 you cannot be hiring enough people with that level of content quality or quantity. Unless you want to pay for each patch as if it's a DLC ($15 for Dragonspine, $15 for first 3 Inazuman Islands, $15 for Enkanomiya, etc).

  2. BoTW's world is way less interesting, so why was it way more popular? I'd say because it was made to have a one-time fee and everything in the game can be earned.

  3. No game would exist if it wasn’t built around making money. U need money to make a game

  4. if a game is simply made to be fun then people would pay money for it...

  5. I don't feel like the downsides of an auction house like Diablo 3 had for a while are more significant than the benefits of having it

  6. Is there a way to get ascension materials on days the domains aren't giving them? (Aside from buying them of course since it's limited to 3)

  7. don't worry, you're sexier than any girl they'll get with ;)

  8. this sub isn't meant for promoting religious teachings or websites

  9. Thank youu I'll make sure to post more :) Would you like that?

  10. what are some things that are relatively easy to craft and is in somewhat high demand? how do you craft them?

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