1. I love warrant so much, their first album is almost perfect to me

  2. Same here I always just wrote them off as a one hit wonder but wow they are actually really good imo!! You give some of there songs to guns and roses or poison or something and they are absolute hits imo!! I think the biggest problem with warrant is they were just to late!! If they came out in the late 70s early 80s it would be a diffrent story i think!!

  3. Agreed, they came too close to the Grunge era, if they had released their debut album in 1987 I think they would’ve been huge

  4. We’re at the peak of learning, 50 years ago if you wanted to learn something like how to cook you’d have to try and try again through trial and error, or find someone else who already knows how, now if you want to learn a skill all you need to do is search it up on google, and then you can become a great chef.

  5. I fell in love with a girl, we started dating but she had to move across the country, she has my heart and I haven’t felt the same way about any other women, even if she’s broken my heart she still has mine.

  6. Using their significant other as ammunition. As in using them to make other people jealous.

  7. LOL, once I was in a group project with a girl and I messaged her to ask which part she was going to do, and then she told me she had a boyfriend, she proceeded to do nothing in the project and she ended up having to retake the course.

  8. They always end up being a alcoholic and hate themselves and everyone else

  9. My mom works at the biggest bank in my town, one time I was helping her out at work and she handed me a briefcase with one million dollars.

  10. For a second, but then I remembered a bank is packed tighter then Mia khalifias prescription sunglasses with security, if ya ever think about robbing a bank just don’t, they will always find you :-)

  11. Yea, She’ll probably never know she did it

  12. Why not? Would she not help you get help? Please tell her unless that's somehow more dangerous. I know it's possible that it is, but please reach out.

  13. A few months ago I found out my father cheated on her with 7 different women, she’s depressed enough, I don’t want to hurt her by bringing my emotions into her life.

  14. My dad was a rockstar, he was in a very successful band in the late 1980’s, I was never told about this growing up because my parents believed it would be a bad influence on me knowing my dad destroyed hotel rooms and did a shit ton of cocaine and other drugs.

  15. I always open my curtains and blinds, the sunlight helps me wake up in the morning, without the light I would sleep through the day.

  16. I miss having someone there that would “support me through everything no matter what”, ever since they left a year ago I’ve had no one there for me.

  17. I will never touch a Vape/ cigarette and alchohol and drugs, everyone says they will never do it either, but I have so much bad life experiences with all these things from family around me.

  18. Throughout grade 7 and 8 I had a bully, I’ll call him PT, PT would constantly throw stuff at me in class and take my glasses and run off, PT would become friends with my friends and would turn all my friends against me, PT knew where I lived so he and some of his friends would spray paint rude messages on my house, after this going on for a while I eventually decided I was done with this, I started standing up to him, eventually me and PT got into a fight, I won as I was actually much bigger then PT, and now for the best part, PT and his friends always would go into the upstairs tech room on break, and after one break I had that exact tech class, coincidentally I noticed PT left his phone in the Tech class, I walked up to it and put it in my pocket, once class was over everyone left and it was just me, I walked up to the window and threw his phone straight onto the concrete and it smashed everywhere, it was a brand new IPhone 11 Pro.

  19. Takis fuego are always really good

  20. Finally someone agrees, everyone says they’re too hot but I think they’re great,

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