1. anytime a poster asks something like this, they're obviously asking about what's the top meta specs at the time

  2. And the answer to newbies is pretty much always - if you have to ask the question, you aren't playing at a level where it matters.

  3. They separated out professions to have separate skill points by expansion quite a few years ago (Checks online... 6.5 years ago with the launch of Legion).

  4. PVP and Tier sets are still locked to their respective classes.


  6. The only cases where the racial bonuses are mattering is when they close the gap to get a recipe either within ~10-15 points of required skill, or push into fully guaranteed higher rank.

  7. Thanks for your super detailed answer, what i meant with levelling alts is when you unlock the chromie thingie once i level one character to 50 i believe? does that make levelling alts faster than regular questing in bfa like i’m doing now? i play fury warrior at the moment but i might also be interested in hunter i think

  8. No, leveling is already blazing fast. Classic 1-60 = 200 hours. Retail 1-60 is at most about 20 hours.

  9. I'm level 70 with like a 345 IL. I'll look into droptimizer and see what's that about

  10. The issue you will run into right now is that optimizing stats isn't at all what you need. You need pure raw item level from doing harder content.


  12. The Vault only gains options from current raid boss kills, current season Mythic+ completed dungeons (in time does not matter, just completion), and rated pvp.

  13. Enchants/Gems that are for say level 50 characters can be used by lower level characters, but the stat value will be reduced. As the player's level rises, the gem will actually update to higher stats, however it is more likely that a piece of leveling gear will get replaced due to ilvl before the increase is observed.

  14. I wouldnt spend money on sockets until you get to lvl 70

  15. Sockets are a random proc on BfA gear, even while leveling.

  16. In PVP, the PVP gear automatically adjusts up to a specific item level (world quest stuff is 408, rated pvp is 421), and there is a LOT more stamina at those item levels, especially if you are in PVE world quest or leveling gear (200k hp vs 300k hp or more).

  17. I mythic raid in a casual schedule, but usually CE or close to it guild on a strict 6 hours of raiding weekly. I parse above average (65-85 most bosses on mythic). Relative to heroic raiders where I'm consistently about 95th percentile parsing on heroic content. Even then, I am a peon compared to what the world first raiders can do in terms of performance.

  18. My take is that there is that in every time of the game there is a segment of players who will find an aspect of the game they don't personally like because it doesn't favor their personal style of play.

  19. Rating is DR'd, % is not. If you have 30% from rating alone and pop lust, which gives a flat %, it will not be DR'd.


  21. Buy it all out and make profit selling at your own price.

  22. Classic was split and duplicate at the Classic TBC launch. The Classic servers became permanent Classic only, and the duplicates became progressive servers that went through TBC and now are into Wrath.

  23. Good question! I don't think there is a standard answer or expectation that I know of, but this is what I do. If I'm asking for a higher ilvl or something I know is unlocked further down the profession spec tree or something comes from a rare recipe, I tip more. For basic, easy peasy stuff, I tip less. This does require kinda knowing a bit about the profession of the crafter you're after.

  24. Knowing crafters who paid 1 mil gold for the lariat recipe... a 2k tip is a pittance unless you think they need to craft 500, and the many hours of spamming trade chat to advertise their ability just to break even.

  25. Going to start with: Is this just because you didn't know that each talent load out can have a separate set of button assignments?

  26. That's what I'm saying. It appears that they are in 5 hour maintenance cycles on most Tuesdays and then fixing whatever was not added to the game later in the week. More so than any other xpac.

  27. An evil genie appears and says, "Wish granted, you will now have almost every week be a simple reset, but content updates will only come once every 7 months, and one of the updates will just be tiktok integration for the selfish cam."

  28. You need to /combatlog either manually or with an addon automating it just to generate the log file on your computer. You can use one of the live update tools, but warcraftlogs does have a client for parsing and uploading the file at a later time.

  29. With the updated ilvl scaling through legacy content, having heirlooms keep gaining ilvl automatically is a fairly big deal now.

  30. In the recrafting UI, change the required quality on a personal/guild order (no need to actually send an order)

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