1. I dont know what's worse, joining a populated world where nobody's playing the game, or joining a populated world only to find out the player count was incorrect and you're the only user there

  2. God that sucks too, I always sometimes find servers that are close to being full, only to then join a game with 3 players and no one else

  3. quick question: are they at least chatting with each other or are they doing nothing at all and/or stare at the mirror?

  4. Usually depends on where you are. Sometimes I find people chatting outside in the lobby, and other times they're just looking at the mirror silently. For the most part though, it's mostly just players looking in the mirror chatting

  5. I'm certain someone has already done this before but I thought I'd make my own just cause

  6. I made a similar post a while ago after I watched the whole series, which I think was 2 years ago. This is like, my 3rd favorite anime now

  7. And by similar I mean just in terms of appearance. Masaru is nothing like Porky

  8. He definitely is, probably my favorite side-character in the part

  9. That could work too yeah, also works with El Jefe. I just opted for the Bacteria Blocker since it looks more like Usagi's headwear than the Polar Pullover, but that item works well with the loadout too

  10. That scout is dangerously close to getting telefragged though...

  11. Oh he was fine! An Engineer came out and the Scout was unharmed. The Engineer was also unharmed surprisingly, but he was swiftly taken care of

  12. Hi im having the same problem, did you ever find a fix?

  13. I did, but it had to do with the fact my power cut out for a bit and then came back on. It forced my computer to shut down, and miraculously SFM began working, along with some other programs that were acting up. So I don't have a good answer on how I fixed it, it was just a freak miracle accident

  14. There's a herd of them in the first full Mario trailer. There isn't a green one in sight, mostly other colored ones

  15. Update: A new recent ad for the Mario movie reveals the Sand Kingdom/Tostarena is indeed in the movie, so that can be checked off now!

  16. I personally think we'd definitely be seeing Josuke again, and possibly Karera as well, as she mentioned she may appear again sometime soon

  17. Actually it seems I was wrong about daisy chaining link boxes. It's possible on the OG Vive, but not the Vive Pro (I have a Pro)

  18. Ooh ok, I have an OG Vive, so I can basically just do what I shown off in the diagram and it'd still work fine?

  19. tbh they dont look anything like each other lmao but the pose tricks people to think they do

  20. They were the closest cosmetics I could find for Scout that resembled Josuke. There is actually a set in the TF2 workshop that directly references him called the "Shirt & Wrap" and "Bubble Bloater", but they're not in the game yet, so I'm settling with this Dollar Store Josuke for now

  21. Josuke in the original manga is often depicted in a white and blue outfit, so I just went with that. A RED version would have been a lot more fitting with the pose though

  22. I plan on having my PC in the room above the garage, so it'd be directly above it. As of right now my PC is really far from my garage tho

  23. You can daisy chain link boxes if you have two of the 3meter cables too

  24. That sounds pretty doable, I think I might get some of the longer ones though just in case, unless that's a bad idea

  25. I doubt Apple would give their users that many options in the stock camera app

  26. Uses the Cockfighter painted white, the Caffeine Cooler painted green (although really any backpack misc. painted green could work) and the Hot Heels painted white. I personally like to use the Three-Rune Blade since it fits Finn using swords all the time, but I think a Frying Pan or Pinny Machete could work just as well

  27. The backrooms arent real. people are trying to find the actual building the photo was taken. This photo was taken in 2012. and someone used it for a 4chan post as a cursed images

  28. I wasn't claiming it was real, I just find the fact its location is so hard to find plays well into the lore of it, something that cannot be found in real life

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