1. I think he means the depth of the fuel, which gives us very little information about the volume since we have almost no idea about the dimensions or shape of the tank.

  2. I took it as he was measuring from the bottom of the gauge to the indicator, which would be silly for anyone to do but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. I'm still scratching my head on "what is authentic sweet and sour pork?" last I checked that was an American invented dish

  4. no matter how good you are at chess if your opponents a pigeon they're just gonna knock the pieces over and shit on the board

  5. could you imagine if there was a massively funded government conspiracy to checks notes support trans people

  6. Remind me please. Why was Mohg protecting the entrance to frenzied fingers area? Is it directly related to this Morgot situation?

  7. That Mohg was apparently an illusion, possibly also put there by Morgott

  8. you might like The Painscreek Killings, you travel around (on foot) in an abandoned English town. You play as a journalist trying to piece together the story of the decades old murders that led to the town being abandoned.

  9. Wow this might be one of the most impressive appeal to nature fallacies I've ever seen. I hope they don't come across earth based cianide.....

  10. just happened to me earlier too, got stuck "falling" in a crack on one of those rocks

  11. I've been to Nokron and I honestly don't remember seeing these dudes at all ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  12. They're like the main enemies in the part before the mimic tear boss

  13. Oh okay yeah like the first part, I was just thinking of the part of the city after the ancestral woods part

  14. I used to make leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches with turkey and mashed potatoes, it's p good

  15. The masks people refer to as “N95” types don’t filter based on pore size, they filter based on mean free path and electrostatic attraction. Even if it was JUST viruses, they would stop about 95% of particles, at least.

  16. one joke, they all fucking say this. be funny

  17. Noooo this one's so different and funny from the others, cause this time they called themselves brick wall instead of attack helicopter or whatever other thing they think is funny

  18. I was always really impressed when Roran tricked that incoming army and their spellcaster with a fake illusion spell, and just bluffed the shit out of them

  19. This never made sense to me, like why were they so easily fooled?

  20. It was more like, overly cautious I think. They couldn't break the enemy's illusion (because unbeknownst to them the appearance of an illusion was all it was) and Roran standing there seemingly defenseless implied he was confident his "hidden" force could defend him and take their army. Rather than risk defeat, they retreated.

  21. "Who lives in the suburb in the age of information?" SpongeBob SquarePants!

  22. Oh good I'm not the only one who immediately thought it was that lol

  23. "If someone can disprove this, please do" can't wait to say whatever inane statements I want and end it with that lol perfect shift of burden of proof

  24. I’m gonna say this knowing I’ll probably be downvoted to hell for some reason, but eh. Some people will say it reflects on your attitude towards the entire demographic. Like if a black man murders someone, why not hurl slurs at him? He’s a horrible horrible human being.

  25. Exactly, it's not about respecting the rapist, it's about respecting the rest of the trans community.

  26. Heres the thing. It makes NO SENSE for it to be a gas shortage thing. Everything in the madmax universe runs on gas.

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