1. Might be good weed but it's not sativa. It's a hybrid of sativa & indica, despite any labeling that says "sativa."

  2. I’ve learned that if flower has certain terpenes it makes it indica sativa hybrid but overall it’s more sativa leaning I can feel forsure

  3. It sucks feeling like you got shorted but in this case something so small I would just chalk it up as part of the game. Scale discrepancies, bud drying and things like that should be factored in to some degree. Yeah it would be nice if they did everything a little over just in case, but I don't think this is actually short. At least not something I would try and rectify.

  4. I was just simply trying to email the company to just let them know I’m not searching for any type of refund or anything like some of the people commenting on this post seem to think

  5. I can say it’s been like that in Lakewood also 40-48$ a tenth of galenas and some other brands

  6. I have a question. May have been answered before. I hood I’m not the only one to wonder this. I just got a few klutch pods. A couple LR and some not. I got a whip it pod just a regular one. It’s main terpenes are terpinolene 33.01 mg and ocimene at 12.60 mg limonene and mycrene at 8 mg. How does that correlate to the terps listed on the back in percentage. May be a dumb question but terps mean everything to me.

  7. 10mg is 1% so you’d have just over 3% terpinolene just over 1% ocimene and like .8% of myrcene and limonene this wedding cake pod has 11.4 mg linalool 10.4 mg limonene and 10.3 mg caryo it’s basically if you have mg posted on package you move the decimal over left one number and if it’s labeled % you’d move the decimal over one number to the right hope this helps.

  8. I literally scanned on of my QR codes earlier and figured it out. Came on here and you explained it perfectly. Thank you

  9. O43 is one also grape head from Woodward is fantastic I just got a batch of that and I love it it’s labeled a sativa and it’s a strong one but at the same time I didn’t think about any body pain as it seemed no existence body super relaxed also sherbhead is kinda more on the relaxing side but if you use it right it can be a GREAT daytime driver

  10. They have the 3.36 klutch concentrates for 200$ before discount at rise Lakewood

  11. Weren't those going to be live resin?

  12. I was big high and didn’t read rosin I just read bucket so I thought concentrate 😂

  13. Yeah see I was getting the ICC LR pods when they first came out and they were very clear with that same yellow tint you’re talking about. Now it’s like a darker oil kind of like the non LR pods. 🤷🏻‍♂️idk man lol

  14. Yeah idk I’ve been copping since just never got the icc one maybe it’s that’s certain strain and they fucked up a run and still put it out or something

  15. The big head LR was darker for me as well. But fuck it I guess lol

  16. Yeah I also didn’t try that one I’ve tried the O43, icc x pineapple cake, sherbhead, melonada, and now the jealousy x apricot. But yeah like you said fuck it😂 maybe the extraction process was switched up I know live resin is usually darker for the most part and I did see somebody post right when the LR klutch pods came out dude was confused bc he never seen that clear of live resin but the klutch pods for the most part are the same color as the live resin in dab form but who the fuck actually knows anymore 🤣🤣😂

  17. Haven’t had lemon slush but I had orange 43 pod a few weeks ago. Great flavor profile only complaint was how dark / red the wax was.

  18. Don’t be upset brodi, That’s how most co2 oil pods are distillate will be way more clear gold

  19. Hope you enjoy. I bought a bag of Galenas cake crasher tonight and it had a 3.1 gram nug in the bag.

  20. Solid but nowhere near as good as second breakfast or even blueberry cookies. My cake crashed was covered in crystals

  21. This second breakfast is really fire fr I’m glad I didn’t pick up the cake crashers I’ve herd it’s not the best one their last run looks like it’s the same situation not saying the last run was bad or even this run just not touching some other galenas strains agree that blueberry cookies is great too

  22. How’s the effects and what benefits did this flower provide medically

  23. Yeah the more I thought about it it’s definitely the dispensary’s fault

  24. Dispo up sales every product All product company’s sell no matter the company it’s all the same price across the board the dispo puts a markup on it after that’s why you see the same galenas strain 38$ at one place 55$ at another for the same amount fuck around and loose my business😂

  25. Glad I still got my $46 then thanks homie! I recently was looking at them but yeah I’ve only heard bad things so. How the fuck can they legally sell defective products to state medical patients? Like cutting shit with cbd and whatever to meet potency bullshit rules is one thing but how the fuck can they sell shut you can’t even use

  26. Because some company’s don’t give two shit fucks about us medical patients and push out whatever bc they can then they put it on sale bc nobody’s buying it and yet even on sale people still don’t buy it lol

  27. I got a bag of this in Smalls that I'm about to crack open today. Looks promising.

  28. It was pretty good it gave me like a great boost in energy shortly after first inhale was fairly medicated also

  29. Did you buy a aftermarket luster pod battery? And again I just wanna know what you think they put in there that will seep out… like do you think they put oil in there or something I just know how coils work because I use to build them when I vaped back in like high school sadly..

  30. The black shit seeping out is the burnt terpenes that’s why it’s better to try and get refunded bc if this happens you don’t get the right medication terpenes burn at lower heat levels and if it’s too hot you’re burning off the terpenes before the actual oil and you in result see black leaking oil which is said burning terpenes there no added oil in the coils lmao

  31. That’s not correct. You can’t burn something that evaporates when heated.

  32. There are state regulations on particular TYPES of swag but not all types. I was told it could not be a wearable item like a shirt or hat and all of it has to be approved by somebody at the state level before it can be distributed.

  33. Galenas operates in Michigan AND Ohio. They likely skirt the wearable regulation by saying it is produced for Michigan.

  34. The dispensary chooses what product it gets in its inventory. When they recalled the blueberry cookies that I got for “foreign matter possible plastic” detroit and madison rise stopped ordering stock from galenas till they fixed whatever happened. Eventually got more in stock so it’s just probably the locations that your watching at just stopped ordering galenas or it could be everybody else is ordering it before they can get to it and it sells out and the dispo can’t get any. Hopefully this helps you ..

  35. That’s bc it’s not been sitting it almost looks crystallized wait a few days it should turn amber color that’s why I believe they are burning bc both that looked cloudy gold that I got one was a TCC and one was a layer cake both over heated and burned both were cloudy

  36. Most dispos have luster battery’s in stock you can buy separately

  37. This was at rise a week or so ago if you bought 1 galenas you got 10% 2 items 20% and 3 or more 30% off so I copped 1 bag the day before discount bc I didn’t know till I got there and I wanted to get a bag before it sold out and it was still there the next day so i went back copped 2 bags and a blueberry cookie bag and got 30% off

  38. I heard it was a limited one time run, I'm pouting. The Biker Kush gave me the cerebral high I've been looking for, sometimes hard to find when you smoke as much as I do for as long as I have. I'm hoping my sources are wrong. 😫

  39. Source herd right but they also said that’s no moon was too and it might never come back cop while you can and I seen it back twice

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