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  1. It probably is a shill.. hahah. Either way he needs to report back to his bosses to do better. Stop putting out inferior products lol. Do your job shill

  2. The dude tried to tell me “you stopped smoking for a good job haha good job mark” trying to be all sarcastic n shit n when I call em out he goes “ all I said was good job mark” he’s a cocky shill and his butt buddy is replying for him😂

  3. Someone should send this entire thread to Klutch, the Pharmacy Board and the news lol

  4. That probably won’t matter seeing as the only time I ever copped edibles Camino gummies I got shorted and they never responded to my email..🤦‍♂️

  5. I was thinking of getting today so- does the soap come in this the current batch of this a good batch if you know? thanks

  6. If the weight on the website is 5.66 it’s going to come in this jar it might or it might not be labeled artifact it could just be labeled the strain name but If the quantity is 5.66 it will be in this jar…

  7. To remediate flower of mold, you would have to turn it into an extract to then be sold as wax or used for edibles. I wouldn't imagine remediated flower would be consumable as such.

  8. Explain the past issue with klutch then they remediated the flower and sold it in that form and extract form visible mold on the flower…

  9. Exactly, if you want Galenas, BR, GO or Klutch quality in Michigan l you’re gonna pay 55-65 an 1/8. So it would basically be the same. Not worth the gas unless you want carts, Eddie’s, or concentrate. I’m flower only so it isn’t worth my time.

  10. And the carts out there are mainly mass distribution of distillate like 5-10 for 100$ n shit barely if none at all of like live resin rosin pens I think I only seen one brand that wasn’t distillate and that was element they claim to be live resin but really didn’t feel like live resin at all more so live resin terps added to distillate and I get you 100% it’s not worth the drive for flower at all unless you know a grower and get deals fr

  11. Element is fire. And 100% live resin. There's hundreds of live resin brands that are awesome. Light sky farms. Pleasant trees. Element. Are my top 3.

  12. really? I might’ve not gone to the right shops that had em I only was hip to element fr

  13. Bahama mama. Ended up giving it to my friend who loved it

  14. Yeah I can second Bahama ever since I went to work and let a couple people try it one said it taste like I’m drinking sunscreen, I couldn’t Untaste it..

  15. So idk why this has the dual og art over it I seen this and was confused but I get emails for drops from galenas and they say it’s myrcene dominant terp and the lineage is impressively rare it’s suppose to bring calming indica dominant hybrid effects and it’s royal wedding X Pam

  16. Grapehead from Woodward is my favorite flower I’ve ever had, I think. I love it lol

  17. It’s forsure in my top 3 of the program it’s just that perfect mellow focus full conversation/good social type of strain

  18. Grapehead really is a social uplifting strain, first bong snap i had of it it gave me a full on head sativa high but also a relaxing body high, def has sum indica to balance out the anxiety fr

  19. That’s the main reason it stood out for me no anxiety or paranoia just an amazing sativa

  20. So I would recommend lemon slushy from klutch only bc it is sativa but it had a strong mellow side that make it a good hybrid in my opinion also sherbhead from klutch is a good middle of the road hybrid

  21. I had gotten a bag that was .2 grams or .4 grams short I can’t remember which one but I emailed them and they responded and refunded me but they said they use machines that auto dispense the flower so it coulda been off it looks like this was way off but in a good way if it’s still machine bagged I don’t think somebody hand bags em but you got very lucky fr😭 enjoy that

  22. They’re starting to drop the Michigan strains slowly in ohio I got to try the alien pebbles but this and the soap has yet to come by me

  23. And if it’s one on my phone it would work? I’m just wondering because I got it from firelands and they’re sending it thru email on my phone

  24. While it may not be worth the price in general, compared to other cultivators this one’s high price reflects a better product.

  25. alien pebbles from galenas is a myrcene monster right now. nearly 3% myrcene alone. buckeye super sour orange, dosidos, nyc flo, garlic breath ive all seen commonly over 1% for the top terp.

  26. Also buckeyes lime sherbet is over 1% top terpen consistent I had a batch with 2.69% myrcene alone

  27. I must have gotten an unlucky batch or something then because it wasn't great. The buds were very dry and just crumbled to dust between my fingers, wasn't sticky at all, and the effects were very muted.

  28. This the same thing that happened to me with the salty watermelon everyone raves about how good it was and I got a 2.83 of it one day that crumbled in my fingers like dust muted smell taste and effects but I have some gp20 rn it’s the complete opposite..

  29. No problem! For whatever reason (maybe cuz i live in the youngstown area and they are based there?), people by me are hardcore RC fanboi's, and i get it, they used to be fire. I was a HUGE farkas fan, but now i only buy the problem child due to consistency issues. I had to stop buying klutch halves, cuz anything bigger than a tenth has been garbage. I get people having favorite growers, but they are already RAPING us at the checkout line, they could at least offer a quality product. I dunno. Maybe it's just me

  30. That’s not just you theyre selling below subpar product for above stellar price. And in my honest opinion, riviera creek hasn’t ever been fire just batch to batch inconsistencies make them not worth any of my money I got ripped off by 2 batches of garlic cookies both way over priced for trash product but my buddy raves about how good his batch was that’s why I went back over a year later to retry it the second time and I won’t try anything from them anymore undertrimmed little effects almost completely dry plant matter. And yeah I had the problem child it was good I also had the peanut butter breath when they first released it that was some fire fr and klutch I don’t cop bc of their issues I stick with galenas and I just copped this gp20 from firelands that’s also pretty solid

  31. I have some chem og from firelands right now that's fantastic. Just copped second breakfast and crescendo smalls, so I'm definitely with you on the galenas tip. Quality is always there (at least for me), terps are fantastic (crescendo had 12.4 mg/g of caryophyllene), and bag appeal is off the charts.

  32. Yeah I tried the crescendo WAY back when it first dropped and it was ok then it was retired for over a year and a half and now it’s back have yet to try it I’ve also herd this and last batch of second breakfast are unreal. My favorite grower is galenas always amazing bag appeal smell and moisture for me at least. My buddy also got chem og 3 pack lusters and I was looking at the terps and the top two are linalool and trans nerolidol which are great for pain I was thinking about getting that next bc I have terrible chronic pain eveywhere

  33. Bruh. Where did you get he weed elf tray?!?! I've only ever seen it on an IG post from Galenas MI.

  34. Go search galenas merchandise on google and the first webpage should be theirs and you can buy anything they have to offer this elf tray is on there for 15$

  35. I saw that as well. Not that I care but I thought LLCs were not allowed to sell merchandise? Since it's used for medicine I'm assuming that's the workaround.

  36. I don’t understand either but apparently they can sell merch in Michigan but not Ohio but you can still order on their website to any state…

  37. She would be wrong. TCC- Triple Chocolate Chip… Triple C- Triple crown…

  38. Hmm. That looks like it could be poisonous. I'll help you out. Send a little to me and I'll test it for you, I'll risk it cause you seem like a nice guy!

  39. I'm not getting a pepper taste from mine at all. Just super sweet dank and a little citrus. I've been taking really small rips and waiting like 10 minutes in between but I've noticed about halfway through it seems to have lost some of the flavor. I'm curious if your review will stay the same as you smoke on it. Apricot Gelato is the other one I've tried. 80 MG of terpinolene and it's pretty good.

  40. What’s the batch number on your pod I wanna see if it’s the same so I can look out for that no taste issue

  41. They just changed packaging for pods I don’t think you can get counterfeit products in our program I don’t think it’s that far yet😭😂

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