1. Ever since I was shorted on Woodward like half a g and almost half a g of riviera garlic cookies the most expensive tenth on the market I’ve recorded videos of me opening the bags and weighing in the same short video bc it happens and that’s the only proof you could get you might have to chalk up this L but for future reference I’d do what I do myself and I know we shouldn’t have to which is the worst part they might not do anything worth a try tho

  2. I also seen a post a few days ago of 3 different certified strains and one of them was 2 week cure so sad🤦‍♂️

  3. Either that or head of quality control was like “hey it’s winter time why don’t we take every nug and roll it like a snowball…” or it’s just PGRs🤣😂😂

  4. Galenas that's no moon is definitely not the original deathstar genetics. Standards wellness is supposed to be the original but both don't have the look, taste, smell or effects of old school deathstar.

  5. I can all say that that’s no moon wether it’s the original genetics or not I bought a artifact jar and went back for another artifact jar a few days later it was so good for me at least and my jar did smell like Death Star is known to smell like lemons and rubber with a sweet taste on inhale I’d recommend it anyday if available it’s a uplifting great day time smoke heavy on the body but at night if you medicate it can send you to the nether realm brain continued to melt as time went by.

  6. Great for daytime if you needa get shit done but if you use it after a long day you’ll get fucked and sent to another realm it’s some gas forsure

  7. Why is the island chill only cured for 2 weeks😐 certified lackin🤦‍♂️

  8. Leave it to Klutch to be the first cultivator in our nation to start inflating terpene numbers as that's about all they excel at.

  9. I don’t think personally they do bc altho I am against them at the moment for mold issues but when that didn’t happen i did have quite a few live resins from them and all of them had different consistency’s the ones with more terpenes right out the packaging you can see it’s like soup I’ve never had one burn either I had the super lemon dog and it was like 12.5% terpenes and it moved drastically more then the like 7-8% sherbhead oil did

  10. They normally change up their vendors sales each week and they announce the weekly deals on Saturday/Sunday each week. It seems like each Wednesday is devoted to Buckeye relief discounts. The also stack discounts if your a veteran.

  11. Thankyou for the info and being the only one to comment everyone else sucks 😂

  12. Nobody’s gonna agree with me but that’s no moon galenas is a hell of a strain in my opinion it makes me super happy and motivated also after a long day it’ll chill me out fr it’s a nice one also still think they have it at rise detroit Lakewood

  13. Wait what? I need info bc I don’t want to be smoking that shit 😐

  14. This is the best batch of this strain I’ve seen from them still some leaves but it’s the best trim I’ve seen by them on this strain so far my batches were both shit I hope this batch for you is as good as it looks good luck 💯

  15. What I would do for an artifact jar of Salmon River OG.

  16. I seen a few posts about how it looked absolutely terrible and I seen some pictures but my batch wasn’t what theirs looked like and I can say myself it’s not their best but it’s a runner up forsure way better then what the shitty redditor reviews were tryna play it out to be

  17. Grow ohios went down 10$ from 60 to 50 and 3 packs are 140 which is like 47$ for .84 of co2 oil which isn’t really terrible not really over priced but not gonna be 30$ 25$ a g bc it’s not distillate and in my opinion I’d still buy the co2 pods over anything else bc it’s not bad considering stiiizy and brands like that for distillate in Michigan are 50$ a g which is crazy for distillate I feel the co2 oil for bout 50$ almost a g isn’t terrible and In the future I have a feeling klutch is gonna try and beat or match that then grow Ohio might try the same thing they have been toe to toe with eachother since lusters came out.

  18. Yeah at my rise locations they went to 50 no sale but the 3 packs were still like 160 or 170 and starter kits were still 72$ also don’t know why they went down but not complainin bc it’s still not where it should be soon tho we can all hope

  19. I’d say I’m a fan of most of their stuff but this jar was the first jar I’ve had that they look like they don’t give 2 fucks when they do a trim job on the buds …

  20. See, I didn't think of this at first because ALL of the flower I've bought from them looked like that lol. Someone once compared it to an elementary school student with safety scissors lol.

  21. They have some artifact jars like the northern frostberry that were 60 normal price and some were 80 and northern frostberry is one or their better strains so idk why it was cheaper not on sale either nor was it a old batch it had just dropped

  22. The butterfly effect infusion powder has been great and it’s potent 660mg the whole container it’s nano emulsified so it’s suppose to work for people who can’t metabolize thc thru their liver also I believe rso works the same way…

  23. Why aren’t they using it to make luster pods? Why would they opt to buy a machine that expensive when they have other less expensive means to turn the biomass into sellable product?

  24. Moldy firelands flower was just posted 2 days ago in this sub… multiple posts klutch too all makes sense now

  25. I give it 2 1/2 specifically for the taste. My go to edible (I can't vape/smoke) is Incredibles Black Cherry Chocolate Bar 1:1 10 mg a piece, and you'd never know there was mmj in it! This is also a 1:1 10mg a piece. It does the job, I use it for chronic pain control, anxiety, and PTSD. But the TASTE!! I you want to know what carmel covered raw bud tastes like, this is for you! 😂 I eat mmj, but you know I'm not trying to eat it like that! I'm not letting them go to waste, but I think they could improve the recipe. I also want to touch on the fact that, aside from the childproof pouch, these caramels aren't marked in any way at all. It looks like the caramels that grandma would wrap up for us kids. That's concerning, because if a child ever found its way into the bag.... I don't even want to imagine some poor 5 year old puking and stoned to all hell and back. So, although I enjoy the effects of the caramels, it won't be a repeat purchase unless they tweak that recipe.

  26. Try putting them in some coffee or like hot chocolate the caramel will melt and it might be more enjoyable then them straight up

  27. All very good imo animal face takes the cake but overall all solid if not better then most strains out there

  28. What should I be expecting from animal face?

  29. So I have not had it in awhile I picked it up once and Woodward is on the expensive side so I don’t cop much but it is some top tier flower aside the price. I can’t really remember much but that it’s a really balanced but yet still a very very stoney hybrid the only thing I remember is it taking my back pain and within minutes KOing that son bitch. I want to cop again but everytime they run it and it drops I’m either already vaping another strain and don’t need to pick up at that moment and don’t want to spend another 90$ till I at least need another pick up or I just don’t get to it in time and it’s all sold out in my area. It’s a really nice grab, glad you got some. That problem child and orange 43 are really nice grabs also. Enjoy those and follow me up on your experience with all 3 id love to hear it. Cheers 🍻🔥💯

  30. Well the extraction with the insurance I had and going to sleep it was about 570$ it wasn’t by any means cheap but it wasn’t a crazy expensive procedure

  31. Most of that is the going to sleep. They charge a shit ton to give you a few milligrams of Versed and monitor your breathing while they work.

  32. Every procedure was over 1,000$ without insurance I had some impacted ones also so I needed to do it but just with local Anastasia was 300 something laughing gas it was 500 something for both laughing gas or going to sleep

  33. Yeah, im gonna call tomorrow. I know they have botanicals, but im really confused as to why they wouldn't at least be full spectrum since they grow that strain of flower. So hopefully you are right and it's mislabeled. Fingers 🤞

  34. So you have the distillate which is super distilled so they add terpenes back some will add cannabis derived terpenes most will add food grade (botanical) bc they’re cheaper which adds onto the already cheap ass distillate some people like them better idk why but to me the co2 oils that are full spectrum because the terpenes cannabinoids ect aren’t drained out of the plant leaving just the thc. Live resin and rosin have more cannabinoids then co2 oil but most botanical cartridges are hated on because essentially it’s just bullshit subpar product and it’s priced about the same the company’s do this bc some patients don’t know anything and they pay for shit “meds” that they think are going to work that isn’t gonna give them benefits really. except ive herd distillate helps with migraines but whenever I use it I get this dirty feeling not really clean smoke and hella anxiety ect. And personally I get headaches from distillate so I stay away. it’s basically all distillate In those botanical carts. And I wouldn’t call I would actually run to the dispo altho they might tell you the right info, my dispo did not. the website was labeled wrong and either the dude didn’t get off his ass and actually go check the package lable in the back or the dude didnt know how to read bc he told me he had the co2 oil .5 pod and the ice hash .25 dabs and I still went up read the back of the package sure enough the pod was live rosin not co2 needa get the shit together hire people who know what they’re doing and Stop playing with our meds💯

  35. Yeah, to me vaping distillate w/ botanicals is like dropping acid cut w/ strychnine. It might get you there, but it's a rough trip and you feel like shit when it's over.

  36. Man I’m not saying you’re wrong but for 99% of patients the flower in OHmed is by far the best and most consistent stuff we’ve ever been able to get, and the only time in our lives we’ve been able to buy tested product legally.

  37. 10000000% could not agree with you anymore, well said Rick💯💪🏼

  38. My weed doesn’t stay in original packaging like this for long and everything gets a boveda pack. Doesn’t make a difference for me except for the price.

  39. In my honest opinion I’ve only had one good product from riviera and I’ve purchased a handful of times I guess my batches were the “inconsistent” batches bc everybody else besides me raves about them being good and I second I don’t cop klutch I only cop the luster pods the live resins are very good but the one time I did buy the flower it was lemon slushy was dry as shit N subpar effects but the pod co2 and live resin lemon slushy outta this world idk what’s goin on there but not a fan of their flower only the icc and I only had it once

  40. Yeah I’ve stayed away from their flower I’ve been thinking about getting some icc but I seen people are saying how its recent grows aren’t as good as previous and I purchased it the one time and I don’t feel like waisting money if it’s not as good as I remember so I just get their lusters I hat catfish the first time it dropped and I havnt copped that again either. The 2 bad batches I had from riviera were both garlic cookies and I copped it the first time told myself never to buy it again bc I thought it was overpriced garbage so my buddy cops it bc he’s got his card too and he said it was hella dank so I waited and waited till I seen people say it was a good batch again and it still didn’t hit right /do anything for me. On the other hand the other strains I might have to try when I have the extra money based on your opinion on them. But the one product I did have that was great what I was saying but it’s way to high in price is the garlic cookies live rosin pod and it is gas but I can’t see myself buying it again untill it’s either on sale or lowered in price bc 60$ after tax a half gram is crazy…

  41. How would you rate this product on pain management? Any Intel is much appreciated

  42. Been waiting for someone to review this one, what’s your thought on this one?

  43. It’s an overall nice chill high I have to get new cups for the puffco to really taste it but it’s a great product it also slowly creeps on you

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