1. Definitely worth upgrading ram and switching the hard drive to an SSD. My 2012 mb pro came back from the dead when I upgraded the hard drive to an SSD. That alone is a significant upgrade over just increasing the ram. The most significant change will come simply from switching to an SSD. You might do that first and probably not even feel the need to upgrade ram after you see the massive difference.

  2. What you’re really asking is “can I save money by not going to the vet and just asking online.” Your dog deserves more respect than that. Imagine how they must feel. Delete your post and take them to the vet ffs

  3. I don’t think you need to buy a new piece of tech to remember to flick a light switch. I don’t think more technology is the solution. Don’t know why you’d make such a stupid post. Set a reminder on your phone “turn lights on 15 minutes before order arrives” and your problem is solved.

  4. Don’t do it. You would never have considered the move on your own. Sounds like you’re just doing it to make your friend happy while he will be fine and you’re the one making a huge sacrifice driving 2 hours a day. You will feel that right away and regret it right away.

  5. Boredom of your current place should never be a reason to move to a new country. If you were bored in Sydney moving to a new city won’t make you less bored. You need to make a change in your life if you’re bored. Sure you’ll be excited naturally for a while living in a new place but that wears off and you get used to it. I wouldn’t put a question like this to the internet tbh. It’s your decision.

  6. I’ve done Walmart groceries a few times now bc didn’t feel like driving/couldn’t wait until the next day. They were on my doorstep within 2 hours. Amazed.

  7. Black blends in, green stands out, but just a little.

  8. That was exactly my thought process, that I wanted to stand out just slightly more than what's possible with black. So this dark green is perfect for that, it's a subtle difference over black and you're right that it being this shade of green that it can do nearly everything black can do. I'm not the type to choose black simply because it's easier to match things. I just feel there is something special about this shade of black.

  9. Green! My hometown is a sea of black puffies, the green would be easier to identify and it just looks classic

  10. I agree. I was first really wanting the black. These jackets were on sale at a well known store in Canada (Mark's) that I bought them from, when it came down to 2 colours left (black and green) I thought it would be interesting to watch the inventory online to see what people bought. Ppl gravitated more towards black first before green. So black sold out first and there was still a lot of green ones left. When I got mine, my first impression was (aside from it being an awesome winter jacket) that now I'm going to look like every other guy in a black jacket.... So I returned it and re-ordered green. Then started to feel I made a mistake, because it's a pretty dope shade of black, very dark. So I ordered black again! I know I'm indecisive as heck. And I can't go wrong no matter what colour I choose. But I just wish it was an easy decision

  11. Big fan of the dumbbells they’re an essential part of my home workout equipment, got both the 552’s and 1090’s, as well as the 2080 barbell. And 2 of the bowflex kettlebells. I wouldn’t even bother buying individual weight sets for home. Adjustable is the way to go imo. Enables possibilities you couldn’t get otherwise. Saves tons of space.

  12. I’m thinking about getting the M6 as well. I see a lot of posts about issues with this machine tho. Any problems with yours?

  13. So far, no issues. It’s quite a workout!! This has nothing to do with the machine, but I wish it was more like a traditional elliptical, and less like a stairstepper. Also my wrist hurts I think from gripping the handle too hard as I worked out, but that’s on me, not the machine. Overall I would definitely recommend it. It’s a quality machine and it doesn’t take up a huge footprint in the house.

  14. That is why I’m also considering the bowflex’s main competition which is the Proform HIIT trainer elliptical (H7 or H14 models). The stepping motion also has some horizontal action to it, it’s 10” vertical and 5” horizontal elliptical motion, whereas the bowflex is strictly up and down. The proform is also silent because it uses magnetic resistance. Were you aware of the proform before buying this? Do you wish you’d gotten the proform instead because of the different elliptical path? I’m curious to hear your opinion on it since you just got the bowflex.

  15. Yes, Black Friday (right now). Most retailers in Canada have already started their Black Friday deals. Last year I bought the 1090’s from for $450 Canadian each, and this year they are going for the same price for Black Friday. You’re at the best possible time all year to buy. I will also say that prices have gone up a lot in the last few years. For example I bought the 552’s off for Black Friday 2019 and they were $299, now they are like $449 and their their Black Friday “deal.” Ridiculous. I bought the 5.1 bowflex bench at the same time it was $199 on B Friday, now it’s much more expensive too. Finally I got the bowflex 2080 barbell last year on Black Friday for $549, now the current Black Friday price is 599 or 699. So u can definitely buy the 1090’s from either Best Buy or for $900, thebowflex dumbbell stand is $149 at both these stores and Amazon on sale, which brings you to $1049, then you’d just have to get a bench. So your price of $1509 b4 tax is quite high. Good luck.

  16. This might not be the solution you’re looking for but I checked Amazon and it does appear you can buy a

  17. Wowww they actually called it “privileged mode?” Those scum bags. These ppl are abusing advertising, shamelessly plugging their service in your face and nagging you. This is disgusting. It’s similar on my echelon spin bike. When I want to see my spin bike data (resistance and speed etc) I have to use the echelon app in a random section of the app called “free ride” (since the other 99.9% of the app is catered to (and the pushing for) subscribers). In that section of the app, it will show me my speed and resistance and other metrics, however at the cost of a giant ad consuming the entire screen of my device. Can’t just see my data, nope, that’s unused screen real estate to these shameless greedy bastards. My data comes at the cost of shameless ads constantly pushing you to subscribe. I’m not surprised proform is doing this too. All companies are alike in their tactics. There needs to be some laws against this. This is customer abuse. You’ve done your part and bought the machine and should be entitled to use it without other services being shamelessly thrown in your face, making you feel the need to spend more money.

  18. I suspected it would be like this. They push iFit HARD. That’s how fitness companies are now, shamelessly pushing you to subscribe. I have an echelon connect spin bike. I can’t see any data (resistance level, speed, etc.) unless I use the app. The “free” portion of the app is in a random section of the app called “free ride.” And when you use this screen, yes I will see all the real time data, but at the cost of ads to echelon’s streaming service constantly taking up the entire display of my device. If I disable wifi there will still be a shameless ad to their streaming service. I suspected it would be like this with proform also. But it does beg the question, didn’t you try to bypass it by holding down the iFit or Bluetooth button for 15 seconds or however long? There’s lots of YouTube vids showing how to bypass iFit. So I’m wondering if you did this or not?

  19. Not sure if I'm too late to weigh in. I have a Max Trainer M6, 1 year old this past month. We didn't get it assembled till a couple of months ago. The LEVEL of tension has always read '1', no matter how many "dots" are showing (each level or 2 of tension ads more 'dots'). Took apart the fly-wheel cover to discover the pully on the servo wrapped the wrong way: Bottom Line - bad servo and it wont stop spinning...position data is NOT reporting to the console/computer. I fiddled a bit with it and had it working, for 2 mins...then it blew it's brains out again.

  20. Not too late I still haven’t pulled the trigger. The local store dropped the price again on the M6 so we’re back to $1299 Canadian which is an amazing price (regular price is $1999 Cdn). I’m 50/50 between this and the proform H7. I really like the bowflex a little bit more, but the proform is a worthy contender. The proform is $1399 Canadian currently because of Black Friday. Anyways really sorry to hear you had such serious issues with yours right out of the box, that’s what I’m afraid of, that if I buy one it will be an immediate disaster.

  21. I was thinking exactly on the same lines, and finally took the bait - got one yesterday from Canadian Tire on this sale for $1299. Price seems back to $1999 for now.

  22. You succeeded where I failed lol. I had my credit card out last night to make the same Canadian Tire purchase for $1299 then a voice in my head said go for the proform because of its silent operation. I was talking to the proform rep just last night via chat about the H7 which they also have on sale for $1499, he knocked an additional $100 off for me. Unfortunately Canadian Tire ended the sale right at midnight and now it's back to the original price as you mentioned. The H7 and Max trainer are both really appealing machines that it makes picking one very hard. Thankfully

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