1. Anima to me is the only piece of non hideki anno evangelion material that actually seems to have properly gotten the whole point of eva. Good scene cant wait to read it I'm on vol. 3

  2. Wait until you read Vol. 04. There's a little story about Armaros

  3. What volume and chapter is this from in anima?

  4. Does Anima Tohji have his own little Ayanami?

  5. Well, Toji treat Ayanami six (the little one) like his own little sister

  6. Can we all agree that "Winter Soldier Toji" is kinda badass?

  7. I think the volume confusion is from the original release numbering vs the all-ages numbering, and how they get uploaded.

  8. My memory a fuzzy, but isn't Shinji connected to Adam in ANIMA, representing his humanity? Or am I rarded?

  9. Yes, you're right. In ANIMA, Ikuto Yamashita make that Adam have three part.

  10. A little Fun fact : Final Eva in Evangelion ANIMA is Both Adam and Lilith. Basically the literal God

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