Replacing a storm drain

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  1. This is amazing, he makes the machine look dainty. The skill here is phenomenal!!

  2. I normally try park a few cars outside but this is inspiring.

  3. Yes, I like a semi ordered house where I can live with people but be left alone for a good part of the day. Once we had our own (probably identical) rooms it'd be cool

  4. I think it's down to the L plate. I learned a few years ago on my wife's car and as the L plates were still on when she was driving she was getting dirty looks and beeps all the time. She got so fed up she kept taking the L plates down.

  5. With any luck he has a sister or female cousin who can wrip every hair out of her head for her.

  6. A good retort to put him in his place would be ‘I hear you’re a racist, now, father”. It’s a line from a comedy called ‘father Ted’ that everyone knows. It would be a non-confrontational way of telling him to shut the fuck up while getting a laugh.

  7. Yep, that's 3 minutes of my life I'm not getting back 😅

  8. That's how the 3 year olds in my classroom put their socks on

  9. I can understand a 3 year old doing it... My son is 12, 12!! 🤦

  10. It was only meant to be about the one sock at the back. I was giving out that my 12yo's sock was on upsidedown and the wife said it couldn't be upsidedown it was the wrong way around.... We couldn't get to the bottom of it so had to put it to Reddit.

  11. A clear case of someone who needs a sudden leg amputation!

  12. You are clearly NTA, and frankly he should be ashamed of himself for even suggesting they not go.... It almost sounds like grounds for a.pre divorce!

  13. Oh man, what a flop! I felt that all they way in Ireland 🤣🤣

  14. Whats weird about this lol I'm just curious

  15. Anyone else finds this attractive in a woman or a guy? or am I just a weirdo?

  16. She is freaking amazing, having a blast and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her... she's a total keeper!

  17. He's obviously one of those people whos just to important to give way to anyone, especially a truck.... I hope he's important enough to be able to pay for all the repairs too.

  18. Woulda been a lot cheeper to just pay for removal.....

  19. Ha that's amazing, fair play to the car in the front. Fuck you guy who tried to pass everyone

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