1. Looks to me like you're dragging your gas cup in the weld ever so slightly.

  2. That's totally what I thought too so I held it a little further away and got the same results

  3. Dirty metal and on an outside corner joint, it's actually impressive that your weld turned out this well

  4. Skimmed the surface with a grinder and you could never tell but I am making adjustments on how I prep my next pieces to avoid this

  5. I spent quite a bit of time gas welding sheet metal to build and repair classic vehicle bodies. Learned from an older guy that did his apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce in England back in the day. Super cool seeing the difference in technique he uses and more modern adaptations

  6. Those seedlings are leggy- they reached too high for the sun and their stems can’t support their weight. Sorry to say but they probably won’t amount to much. Try getting more direct light, not too late to replant!

  7. They're just in a nursery pot. Could I save them if I move them into more direct light?

  8. As a petite woman, being utility size is a big selling point in interviews.

  9. I have it listed on my resume! It really is a serious selling point

  10. spider mites. Wipe down all the leaves with a solution of 10% neem oil with 5% soap and fill to the top with water, shake it and spray them away, wipe down every leaf, top, bottom and all the way down the stem at least once a day. keep very close eye on it and expect a few leaves to curl and die off, but you must do this or else you will lose the plant.

  11. Also do you know where spider mites even come from? Is this from inside my home or did it come from the nursery like this

  12. What type of store do you find neem oil?? The whole plant is looking so rough I’m worried I might be too late :(

  13. Really bad? Not the best but idk bout really bad lol. There are literally zero pores. Please point them out. And you cant say really bad unless you point out the issues. The guy above mentioned pores, but there are no pores lol only on the area i used to strike the arc which was away from anything structural.

  14. From a certified welders perspective these would not pass inspection under a welder inspector. “Really bad” is subjective. Are they great? Not really. Are they absolute shit? No. There is a lot to improve on here though

  15. Looks like you’re running it too hot. Remember that the plate is going to continue to heat up as you keep welding it, which is why the bottom of the plate looks better than the top. Also it looks like you were weaving, am I right?

  16. I used an upside down T technique for the root and then a zig-zag weave on top

  17. Thank you! Had to get away from the city and from the looks of it others have the same idea… idk about you but at the rate we’re going you might find me in the bush in a couple years

  18. We also moved from Vancouver, but my husband is from Kamloops so it wasn't a random move.

  19. I’d love to hand out candy but I’ve only seen one child in my apartment building so I doubt I’ll have anyone knocking on my door :(

  20. I just got some baby spider plants from the grocery store and stuck them in water. It been about a week and their roots are coming in so well. I think they’ll be just fine

  21. Well, that's not really a 'regular' cutting torch. That's a Victor ST. Those things are like $500 just for the torch body.

  22. weld some sheet metal with it. it's like a weird TIG. super fun.

  23. I’ve used this a mini torch like this on 20g steel sheet for a patch on a ‘60s Ford Thames. Fun little thing for sure!

  24. Ugh so jealous. I live in an apartment with a roommate and the living room is a common area that is just lacking on so many levels. It has ugly couches and two mismatched ugly tables. I wish I had my own space to really bring to life. :(

  25. I feel like that just doesn’t sound right. I mean you’re doing work in your trade and presumably under a certified journey person. Have you checked with the ITA?

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