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  1. I surprisingly use a diversity. Since my main ranged option is the crossbow with piercing it means that I can use tipped arrows and then pick them back up (One of the great advantages over a bow) so I often use harming arrows but my main base is also in snowy plains biome so I also quite often use the slowing arrows stray drop. Finally I also sometimes use healing arrows against the wither. I also sometimes use normal arrows because I have so many of them.

  2. Harming arrows are actually better against heavily armored opponents.

  3. Ive fallen out of and regained GC at least 5 times and seeing the rank up from c3 is always satisfying

  4. If its vanilla, I don’t need jei. My memory and the crafting book is enough for me. Something that adds mouse scrolling items is required though.

  5. Usually when I party up with lower ranked player, or even when I party up higher than GC players, we play differently, higher ranked player knows that his teammate is lower ranked so he tries to hard carry and he might be more ballchasy than usual, challenging balls they shouldnt because they try to "fill the gaps" and doesnt let teammate do their part. I do it myself too and I know it's annoying to play with, that's why I prefer not to play with higher ranked players.

  6. Yep Can confirm, I play more ballchasey with lower ranked friends. However, I can’t 1v2 GCs so the friend has to put in some work.

  7. Agreed. Teammate had to go for the ball or rotate away so you could go without overcommitting. Not just sit on the wall. But focusing on your teammate’s mistakes is a mistake itself. In 2s you need to be able to cover for your teammate’s mistakes, not assign blame.

  8. Isn’t goniometry more about measuring angles than studying them?

  9. How are you so sure? The demand and the possible financial reward has increased by 100x, there might be quite a lot of people working on this

  10. SSLs play the game at a much deeper level. They are playing chess when everyone below gc2 is playing go fish. The speed that players can move around the field maxes out somewhere in champ, along with the ability to perform all the basic mechanics.

  11. RLgym is not going to release any more Nexto level bots until Psyonix has a system in place for dealing with them. Fortunately, these bots are not easy to make. I think Nexto was trained for something like 30 virtual years by a team of two who are experienced with machine learning.

  12. Get rlbot and learn how to beat nexto consistently. I’m c1 in 1s, but I played a dozen matches against nexto and now I can win more often than not.

  13. So what’s the secret? I’m basically stuck, can’t seem to get any higher. And I’m looking for a real answer. I’m plat in 3s and 2s in regular modes.

  14. You can’t play it like a normal 3s match. One person needs to be back almost always to defend long fast shots, you need to use your power ups effectively and play a lot of matches. Rumble is probably the mode where you have the least amount of control over the outcome of the match; You need to play more to get placed accurately.

  15. There's some 3rd party bots going around. I haven't come across any in 2v2 at the c3 level. I'd be interested to play them in private 1s though, see how well they react to fake challenges and things that would be seen as odd to a normal player.

  16. I think nexto does worse in 2v2 than 1v1. I think it’s because it is bad at playing with random teammates who use a different playstyle. I ran into a bot in 2v2 at c3d4 and it was overcommitting a lot, especially on kickoffs. Managed to beat it with some fakes and not allowing it to take possession. I usually lose when playing against nexto in rlbot.

  17. I think the biggest tell is the catch dribbling, not the no movement after a goal. I usually don’t move after a goal because I’m taking a sip of my drink or whatever

  18. Most c1-c2 1s players should be able to fairly cleanly catch and dribble. (Not at Nexto’s level, but decently well)

  19. Problem tho Microsoft can decrypt the messages that you send and accounts are getting verify so if you are using Pirated Minecraft.

  20. Chat messages are now sent with a cryptographic ’signature’ that proves they were sent by the account holder and also can be used to verify context history.

  21. Disagree. A single sportsman can draw a million pairs of eyes, and give enjoyment. That is of worth. That modern sports-people (using it as an example) can in some cases get a significant share of the money brought in by broadcast rights is somewhat of a miracle.

  22. I don’t think making a lot of money intrinsically hurts society. I think its more about what you do with the money you make.

  23. I've been pushing ranks lately and it seems a lot more players prioritize grabbing boost

  24. I tend to play like this after I’ve been playing a few 1v1 matches. Denying boost can put the other team under a lot of pressure.

  25. Exactly, if your location is public, you can't get doxxed over it. And if the jet goes somewhere but he's not in it, that gets tracked too so it's not even his location per se.

  26. It would be pretty creepy if someone makes a bot that tracks your car’s location and posts about it - perfectly legal, but creepy. That being said, there were much better ways for Elon to respond.


  28. It used to be that everyone got their rank fully reset at the start of the season. Then, Psyonix decided that mmr should carry over, so players aren’t completely getting outclassed in when stronger players are doing their placements. A wise decision in my opinion exCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THEY DONT CARRY OVER MMR OVER A CERTAIN LIMIT WHICH PUTS SSLs INTO GRAND CHAMP! WHY THE GODDARN HECK DONT THEY CARRY OVER SSL MMR??? WHY HAVE THEY DECIDED THAT ITS OKAY FOR THIS SPECIFIC RANK TO GET CLOWNED ON BY HIGHER LEVEL PLAYERS

  29. As someone in champ/GC who uses pretty much whatever new car comes out of the rocket pass, no one has ever complained about my car

  30. Yeah, At this level people realize that the car doesn’t make much of a difference. I’ve been using the venom for the past 2 months and no one’s commented on my car choice. I sometimes even joke that the car is overpowered and tell others that they should make the change.

  31. Roughly between 150k and 200k people die EVERY DAY on earth, rounded up to a week its 1,225,000 in a week.

  32. I’m not so sure about the “Its okay because its happening already” line of logic.

  33. How do you make the fingers and other parts that point out? Theres only 4 corners to work with and its hard to extrude an edge to a new corner without tearing the paper.

  34. If it’s makes you feel better, there is a “transfer all” setup on Firefox when coming from chrome. Bookmarks, passwords, ect. Super quick and easy, just that shortcuts are changed.

  35. I switched to Firefox a few months ago and haven’t looked back. I was able to easily import my configurations from chrome.

  36. I'd really like to know how you can play the game blind; genuine question.

  37. I’m pretty sure blindness is a spectrum. They probably aren’t fully blind.

  38. We really take these things for granted

  39. Definitely. My parents had me take Taekwondo lessons and play on a soccer team as a child, so I’ve always had a good sense of balance and foot dexterity. I guess I just assumed everyone did too.

  40. Irrationally giving higher probabilities for positive outcomes probably helped us evolutionarily

  41. This reads so naturally that I almost missed the joke.

  42. Knowing 212 = 4,096 and 220 = 1,048,576

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