The 10-K report states point-blank that the DTCC is MISREPORTING the number of shares it holds. This is big. This is the kill shot.

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  1. I’ve been saying this for months… halts are bullshit and are there for HF and other bad actors to load up. They are not in place for any other reason.

  2. Remember when the DTCC told brokers to just split the shares instead of distributing the one from GameStop? By doing so, the DTCC committee securities fraud…

  3. Meanwhile Jim “coke head” Cramer is still on television… makes a ton of sense…

  4. If anyone can sit there with a straight face and tell me algorithms aren’t running the show, I’d slap them.

  5. Was this the clown yelling at the IEX guy on a news show?

  6. How the fuck is that even allowed?? Lol what a fucking clown show

  7. Let’s not address the issue of firearms… let’s make bunkers in school…. How fucking American.

  8. Just another round of bank consolidation. Fewer and fewer so they can control more.

  9. You don’t “lose” money…. Money is finite… it changes hands

  10. But but but dilution! Dilutionnnnn!!! Lol no. They are digging and digging and digging

  11. Tell me the markets rigged without telling me the markets rigged.

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