1. Idk what you mean? There's a wallpaper engine link in the post already :)

  2. You download Wallpaper Engine from the Steam Store, once you have that installed you can go to the link I provided in the post, and add that to your Wallpaper Engine, then you can set that as your wallpaper :)

  3. This is probably impossible and very useless

  4. Well, useless isn't really for anyone to judge unless you know the use case.

  5. Yeah I assume it's difficult to find custom sets that have those characters :/

  6. Yeah you are right :/ do you know if there will be any keyboard frames these keycaps will not be compatible with?

  7. They don't reach over the pcb so I'd assume they fit with pretty much anything

  8. Wow very good job! looks better than the original K70 lol

  9. Damn this is so cool! Caps suit the case very wel too!

  10. cleannn! love the theme of your setup!

  11. damn that looks like a render! love it!

  12. Thanks to JOHN TOWNER @heytowner for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

  13. How much did you edit it? Cheers from cologne

  14. Basically only upped the clarity, little bit of dehaze, and made the colors pop a bit more. The reflection is completely real. I used the top of a wet wall for it :) Cheers!

  15. Interesting... so do you have access to a repository of items, SKUs, and prices, or are they aggregated dynamically using IKEA websites as living databases?

  16. Using their own search api, the same way as it displays results when you look for items on their site :)

  17. Nice! I have a feature request: move currency to a variable and add optional conversion rate. Use case: I'd like to check prices in Czechia (their currency is CZK, and conversion rate is 1CZK = 0.17PLN)

  18. Currency conversion is now added as well! :)

  19. My suggestion would be to pull the conversion rate from another website.

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