1. Love to see Khalid not going for air dribble/ flip reset into a fake for a hundreth time in a match and just going for it. The hyper aggressive boost starvation game is soo fun to watch.

  2. So Vatira has now made 8/9 regional grandfinals with 2/3 LAN grandfinals this year. Unreal.

  3. GenG was just playing peak rocket league today. Rock solid defence with some of the most free flowing offence I've seen. Best team in the world currently no bias.

  4. Last time I saw a semi finals this one sided was probably Germany Brazil wtf

  5. Ahmad broke Rule 1 in every sense of the phrase this series, damn.

  6. Anyone know where I can watch the stream that feer is casting?

  7. Reverse sweep jokes aside, why does optic throw 2 games every series

  8. That was a tragic play to complete the reverse sweep throw.

  9. It’s not often I root against Vatira, but man is it painful to watch him defend against your team

  10. Do not ask me how I felt watching oKhalid's car feel weak during spring major :(

  11. Lmao every Archie ex-teammate hitting a flip reset today

  12. Has anyone else noticed that the phrase "put a hand up" has been used pretty often in Rocket League commentary recently? I feel like I first heard it in the last month, and had no idea what it meant (basketball thing maybe?), and now I hear it all the time from American casters. Can't tell if it's real, or just the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. Anyone able to help me?

  13. I feel like NA players and casters just find a random phrase they like and overuse it for months until they find a new one.

  14. The amount of disrespect Monkey Moon recieves is crazy, the guy won 3 regionals, a major and worlds while having great stats and people really out here saying Vatira is the best? Vatira is extremely good don't get me wrong, but man I don't know what MM needs to do to get the respect he deserves.

  15. Vatira has made literally every grand finals this year except 2 with his lowest placement being a top 8 while Monkey has had some stinker results. And that includes 3 regional wins with a major win and another major grandfinals too. The level of play he displayed at the Spring Major was probably the best LAN performance across the year and his team's as well as his individual general consistency puts him above M0nkeyM00n for me.

  16. Jack and Noly bringing the EU inconsistency to NA. Love to see it. No idea what to expect from GenG or anyone at all anymore.

  17. Ahmad looking the best he has since spring major. The grandfinals should be fun

  18. no neo tokyo in a bo5 so furia should win this easily right

  19. They do have a 100% win record against G2 in swiss iirc

  20. Mate that's player banter. If you take actual offense to that then don't watch sports.

  21. Seeing all the teams in my flair losing in the grand finals is the dream.

  22. seems like G1 was try harding it against BDS

  23. Great to see Boreuz clipping again. TF is up with Liquid tho?

  24. It's JavaScript, what did you expect? Normal and predictable behaviour? LOL

  25. GenGMobil1 gonna farm every NA team other than Faze. The NA BDS.

  26. APAC interviews are just next level. Hopefully the rest of the regions catch up soon.

  27. Dam I just realized jack can't click bait with oKhalid anymore, unless falcons move to NA too that is

  28. FINALLY PLAYING OKHALID ON EQUAL PING IN EU SERVERS??? Even better clickbait probably.

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