1. Would way rather have this or a Bren over Scar. Scars are overrated!

  2. Thought this was one of those weird face swaps for a sec

  3. Isn’t blackout designed specifically to excel in short barrel applications? I actually don’t think I’ve seen a 300 BO setup longer than 16”

  4. Was specifically designed for shorter rifles. You’re not really getting any benefit with 300blk over a 10.5

  5. They'll be readily available this year, so dumb to overpay for something that is going to be in MASS production

  6. Where? I really want an A1 upper to make a blood-diamond rifle

  7. Where did you get this upper? I want to make a “blood diamond” style rifle

  8. Because some people can only see their revised way of doing something indifferent to what you accomplish with stuff like this and share it. Those people don't have the mental capacity to take a second and realize that both ways are acceptable.

  9. Less is more when you play Custodes!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  10. Space Marines are cool and all BUT Custodes are the truth!!!

  11. It’s been nerfed and it’s way more expensive. Doesn’t need anything

  12. As someone who’s into firearms and just recently got into knives I must say that the knife community is much nicer to each other. I just got my first decent knife and that’s a boker (video in my feed). It’s not an expensive knife but I really like the quality….so I guess it’s my favorite. My real goal is to buy a cheap forge and start trying to make some blades of my own.

  13. Winchester model 12, model 1897 and clones, and ithaca model 37 are all capable of slam fire. There may be others I don't know about.

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