My little Hoya she's 100 years old this year she has bloomed every year for 85 years. she's so huge and beautiful the smell is so strong when she is flowering it makes your eyes water when you sit in the room with her . received her my Great grandmother. thought I would share. she's Amazing!

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  1. Nope I put it in a mason jar with a humidity and temperature sensor I do this with anything bigger than a daily dose. And it's a the same as all the other flower I've bought never had flower below 55% or above 58% this was at 56. Recently all the Ohio clean leaf half ounces I have purchased have had two hydration packs in them I'm not sure how long that's been going on. The buds were nice spongy sticky ground up really nice.

  2. Really good flavor. I was buying all of there stuff and now I can't it at any dispensery near me. They never have it available. There watermelon cake was pretty awesome

  3. I really like their flower. It's always on sale around here for some reason. I'm not complaining. I've been buying zookies daily dose for $22 not on sale for the past month I think I'm the only one buying it.

  4. I only shop deals. I'm within a 20min drive from 7 dispensaries. So pretty much anything I want is on sale at one of them. I love the daily flower sales early bird special stacking deals. I don't pay full price for anything. I want to try all of it.

  5. I’m mostly a WW snob but had to give this Lemon G a shot. I was happily surprised. It’s def the best representation of “The pride of Ohio” I’ve seen In the program. Cure ✅ Aroma ✅ Taste ✅ The Grumpz was not too shabby either

  6. I like Woodward also the last batch of Animal Face is ⛽⛽ but I like trying all of the different growers and strains. I've found some really good flower.

  7. I can be a snob only because I have a Vets discount and my fave local dispo has great discounts and they stack, so I can get them at a “reasonable” price, cuz $89-5th isn’t.

  8. I hear that it's pricey as hell.. I'm sure the vets discount is nice to get. But it's the least they could do I think vets should get the state license for free also. But anyway I'm a total snob also I bought five jars of the animal face minis for $45 a piece. I buy way more weed than I smoke I've got about a quarter pound of straight fire of all different kinds. packed away in my refrigerator vacuum sealed at mylar. LOL

  9. Definitely contact MSR they will send you a new park and my cost $25 but it's well worth it

  10. osprey aether 70 mine is 8 years old. I used mine on 3 thru hikes. And hundreds of shorter hikes and camping trips. And it's still holding up. It can handle any punishment you can throw at it. And they have a lifetime guarantee. And the guaranteed does not just cover manufacturer defects you could use that backpack for 15 years and tear it up and send it back to them and they will send you a brand new one!

  11. I don't know where you are located. But I know they have them at pure Ohio in both locations and they have them at the forest in Springfield.

  12. I got a half from harvest my batch number was ...30174 package same day. 22 % tho but there were 3 nugs that were 3gs and most chunks. Very happy and was first time trying. Must get again

  13. I've always been happy with everything I've gotten from buckeye in the Willie's line.

  14. goals to have a Hoya stay in the family this long. That’s amazing!!!

  15. Thank you. Not A bad goa to have!! lShe is pretty amazing. Hopefully she will be around for a long time..

  16. Damn you are so sexy 🔥🔥 I would gladly do anything you want 😈🤤🔥

  17. Looks pretty good to me Sexy as hell like always 🔥 But I think your shirt is to long. 😂😂

  18. Can you please rate your preferred Standard strains in descending order ? I'm assuming Animal Cookies would start the list ?

  19. I don't know if you mean standard as in my standard go to. Or standard wellness brand! But if you're talking about standard wellness brand Animal fire OG, dosidos, ice cream cake, lemon Herer, Hella jelly, Durban poison, gibsonburg glue, MAC, death Star, biodiesel, outer space, I do not like the lemonade dream or the lemon tree at all. Really the gibsonburg glue it's gg4 so it's like every other GG4 in the program the higher the THC the better it is but there's never seems to be very high

  20. Me too I've really been liking this one! I picked up two more today after 25% off sale plus 10% off for the early bird special $16 a piece out the door. Pretty good deal

  21. I see people suggesting places that are cheaper on here all the time but people seem to always have problems it takes a while for them to get their renewal. I have renewed my card twice and I always use Ohio cannabis connection it's not the cheapest but it is definitely the fastest and most reliable you can usually get an appointment within an hour and as soon as you get off the phone your renewal is in the system.

  22. They are the ones that prompted me to find a cheaper avenue in CBus. I got my last renewal through them but it was pricy!!

  23. Yeah like I said it's not the cheapest for sure I just like the convenience and the speed sorry couldn't help good luck I hope you find a cheap place just as reliable if you do let us all know

  24. Never been disappointed with the Animal mintz. If you have not tried the blue blast AKA mad River Kush you should check that out it's also a really good.

  25. Oh, I almost got the blue blast, but went with AM instead! I'll definitely try to get that one next time! Sunnyside seems to sell out of the new strains so quickly!

  26. Sunnyside seems to have some pretty good deals. I'm pretty close to pure Ohio dispensary I've tried all of their flower those 2 are my favorite 4 times a month they have the smalls for $60 a 1/2oz so I always try and get some.

  27. I got some Lemon Tree from there. It doesnt pack a punch when it comes to effects but super powerful flavor. Id give The Solid more chances. Price was right for sure

  28. I don't really care for the lemon tree or the lemonade dream. But this one is pretty good this one the hella jelly animal fire and Dosidos are really good. One of their dispensaries is about two miles from my house they have 25% off sales twice a week and early bird special of 10% and they stack deals so the price is hard to beat.

  29. I agree it definitely one of the top flowers in the program. I wish it was available all the time

  30. Is this the Garfield Heights Terrasana? That is a decent deal…. Is this only today?

  31. Beautiful flower but it's been packaged for 7 months at that point its so dry and has literally lost potency it starts losing potency at 4-5 months looks great but I won't purchase from them when somethings been stored that long and isn't fresh with proper moisture content

  32. 55-57% is 12ppm that is shelf stable for all plant material. Between 55 and 65% for curing. You're wrong

  33. It's not been packaged for 7 months it was just packaged last month. It's been curing.

  34. Not dry at all. And properly cured. Same moisture content as 99% of the flower in our program 55-57%

  35. No one ever buys their flower because it's sits over 6-7 months doesn't matter how pretty it is that's far from Ideal

  36. It's nice not super intense kind of a creeper buzz nice relaxing body and head buzz. It's better than than some of the 25-26% I have

  37. I've purchased a daily dose of regular buds at 17% and a 1/2ozof smalls it wasn't that good this is the first harvest of it. It needs some tweaking doesn't have a great smell or taste and the buzz is very short lived. I won't buy it again until the grow a new batch. I would say pass on this one.

  38. I don't think you can I'm pretty sure they are done growing this line for now.

  39. This is listed as a Sativa dominate strain..? Can anyone confirm that it is or does it lean Indica?

  40. When I bought this one it was listed as just a hybrid on the label and an indica on certified website. Now it is listed as a sativa leaning.

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