1. Seems strange but I always ask a question about the company. What is your favorite product we sell? What do you think of our UI?

  2. Original games where you had to aim the shotgun directly up and wait for the zombie to get just close enough to blow their head off. Harder to do than it seems.

  3. Hell not sure I’d make it out of the main lobby in the police station. I’d run out of ammo so quick…. Not sure I could dodge.

  4. Buy SYF BOA JPM WFC and any other large credit card issuer. They can cover the losses, thanks CCAR

  5. If you play re2 remake you kind of get it. They really cut it short in certain parts… it feels more like an action shooter vs survival horror. Overall a very fun game just probably too short.

  6. Yes you can learn it in theory. Will it land you a job? Not likely… need to demonstrate the application of that theory in a real world setting.

  7. Ray Rays has one going all the time at the maxtown location. Frigging great stuff

  8. Honestly most companies that offer fully remote are still classifying as hybrid in anticipation of a bigger industry change.

  9. Yeah but you’d still have to geocode the data. Not saying impossible but those areas don’t exactly translate to a clean zip, etc

  10. Resident Evil ReMake. Not sure I’d enjoy that mansion all year but at least I’ll be comfortable.

  11. They should implement a straight 10% tax on gambling, marijuana and prostitution. We’d all get at least $100 per year.

  12. Yeah this got me a few times. Saved with only like 1 bullet for the rifle. Had to get a lucky shot😬

  13. 💯 re 8 was almost a perfect game. Had me in tears at the end.

  14. Just played 1-3 remake…. 1 with the fixed camera is the hardest. Things you do early on in 1 can really F you later… in 2 and 3 you have more room for error.

  15. Honestly dilly was a good player, just didn’t fit with our style of play. Plus he had a huge ego, etc

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