1. Card Game v Auto Battler, yes this makes complete sense

  2. STS nothing like SAP... AFAIK i played STS ASAP and theres ZERO SAP in there. Dont even get me started on the differences between SAP STP and (you knew it was coming) TTSAPTSTSP... don't DM me

  3. Your logical fallacy starts with SAP and end when you say TTSAPTSTSP. If anything, the only logical comparison, if you MUST do it the way you are doing it, is TTSAPTSTAPSP. But to each his own I guess.

  4. That O43 is actually an indica leaning hybrid. It gives you a sativa feel. Not sure why all the dispos list it as a sativa when it says it’s a hybrid on their site.

  5. Probably because Sativa's sell better and because it smells so sativa!

  6. Looks fake to me bro, I don't even think that's weed. I've never seen weed that pink before

  7. This looks good. Is this is their premium line or standard?

  8. It's rogue like, deck building, turn based, and you start with 5 slots....

  9. Ancient roots, curaleaf, standard Wellness.

  10. Any strain recommendations from Cura or Standard?

  11. I'm having trouble with a third, in either of my categories.

  12. Do you have any strain recommendations for Grow Ohio or Standard? I typically buy the best quality but it's really expensive here and it would be nice to know a good mid tier option.

  13. Is there a reason Ohio goes by 1/10ths instead of 1/8ths? Or is this just to complicate things for people.

  14. When new states become medically legal they borrow regulations from other already medically legal states. To make it look like they aren't being lazy, they rewrite some of the regulations at random.

  15. Woodward has good flower, are you saying it has no terps? I guess I have noticed some batches being kind of terp bland.

  16. The way you describe it I can basically see it in my mind.

  17. lol. Sometimes when you're high, that's all you have to give.

  18. It looks okay. I would say worth if you know the guy and he grew it clean.

  19. Easy, just shake off all the trichs and only test those, not the actual flower. These companies lab-shop to find labs that will use loopholes and give back results like this.

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