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  1. The fuck is the point of a "fixed rate mortgage" if some bullshit like that is possible? As a prospective homebuyer, it's being blindsided out of ignorance by that sort of vagary that scares the shit out of me.

  2. They choose to buy their homes in high risk areas. Insurance companies price things accordingly.

  3. Whoa, must have been a tough study if only 1 out of 40 people managed to graduate.

  4. Looks very nice I really like what they are putting out lately. There shit is fire I haven't had any of the indoor but I'm sure I will before long. I really like this.

  5. Their indoor Alien Star Fighter blew me away. It's the best looking flower I've seen in the program.

  6. Wait, did they say they won't honor a return if the weight is off? How is that even possible? Wouldn't that be considered fraud? If I buy a 2.83 and get 1.5 is that not a reason for a return lol? what?

  7. Yes those tiny holes in bud aren't from auto trimming. That's all I'm saying.

  8. What's with all the gas station shills arguing with you? Who knew there were so many out there. Maybe it's the company that sells the edibles.

  9. Had some Mint Julep from BR that looks similar and has a similar terp profile. Wonder if it’s the same/ similar strain?

  10. Good luck, in Ohio all we have is these “designer” strains it feels like. Durban poison would be my daily driver if I could have a nice one regularly.

  11. Standard Wellness has a greenhouse Durban that's pretty good. No indoor Durban on the market that I know of.

  12. Skunky you say? I will have to try some! Where have all the skunk strains gone!

  13. I was just thinking this the other day. I miss getting a bag of something that made you feel like you passed a dead varmint. Skunk and diesel are my favorite weed scents and they seem rare in the program. A lot of what people call gassy here smells dank but not like real diesel to me.

  14. literally all over michigan.. I just got mkx 12/$100 and includes both the purple punch and the NYC diesel pictured above

  15. It says $54 each and you are saying you get 12 of them for $100?

  16. It's a MI brand. They sell these for 10$ each up there.

  17. There is good weed in the program, it's just hard to find since it's so expensive to try everything. That's why strain reviews on here are so important, so we avoid the trash and at least get fire bud for the price we are paying.

  18. You happen to get any pics? Would love to see this new lineup…

  19. It smells amazing, almost like some Dank ass coffee or something

  20. Looks like the heat locker..... still dank tho.

  21. Depends what you like. The Animal Face is my favorite and hits me really hard. It reminds me of a very good OG from back in the day. No color on the buds, nothing exiting about the terpene profile if you aren't familiar with it.

  22. I absolutely hate the bags. Why do companies still use them?

  23. They look cool and have for more surface area for labels and images.

  24. As an experienced souls-like player, i can confirm this opinion is ACCURATE. I get rocked daily by SAP unlike any souls game where you can just crack the nut and the challenge disappears....

  25. Doesn't sound like anyone here can change my mind.....

  26. I like mine dry enough to have a sort of "crunch" but not so dry that I'm chewing on sand

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