1. Some of those have actual noticeable color switch, while Gengar and Garchomp are just a few points of hue down from the original. And they have litterally no excuse to be this way because their shinies have great colors!

  2. Ah yes, the Ultimate support, Iron Bundle.

  3. Actually, I don't think I agree. Jigglypuff got heavily promoted as a reccuring character in the anime, and while we haven't seen him in ages, Wigglytuff now appears in Pokemon Unite, definitely giving him some well deserved credit. I think both have had time under the spotlight.

  4. I would like to say that usually only final evos appear in unite, so you can acsess the entire line. So technichally jigglypuff is in unite

  5. Of course, but honestly I'm already at level 4 by 8:30s, so I wouldn't say it's THAT present. Plus it hasn't got a skin for the whole evolutionnary branch yet, which is kinda sad.

  6. You’re gonna chase that lil shinyboi down just for a change in eye color??

  7. Yeeees sir :D I love this little guy, and I'm going to have a Ceruledge set with the shiny one. I feel like it's pretty cool they chose to only change the eye color.

  8. It's been broken since gen 2. Ferrets aren't rodents. Neither are tanukis.

  9. I guess? A better qualification would have been "little mammals" in this case.


  11. But aren't all the ultra beasts still legendaries?

  12. I feel like they are their own category, a bit like Paradox Pokemons. But the Dons are Paradox Pokemons anyways, just like Solgaleo and Lunala are also Ultra Beasts.

  13. Penny, Barry, Bianca, Guzma : Ugh, My dad is so annoying.

  14. Well yes, but it's not "World Domination" material.

  15. Okay but if I was blind I would totally wear the hell out of an over the eyes bang.

  16. God, Overwatch designers are so good when it comes to NOT use a good idea.

  17. Otakus can't make the difference between a romantic and a sexual relationship. Of f*cking course.

  18. I honestly could just yeet the Gimmighoul off the tower, that doesn't sound like a problem.

  19. No one would ever believe me, but every Pokemon is based more or less on concept that reference each-other. My favorites are clearly the first gen starters, with Charmander's Japanese name making reference to cavemen and fire, leading to Charmeleon being a f*cking Raptor, and Charizard NOT being a Dragon, but a Pteranodon.

  20. Op didn't read the tutorials and proceedeed to complain about Game Freak.

  21. Not if you are in balkans. Then you are the danger.

  22. "I'm not the one who gets beheaded, I'm the one who beaheads."

  23. No. You argue about which of 7 political partys is more corrupt while consuming homemade alcohol so strong, that if you sneeze you become a fire hazard, untill your liver begs for mercy.

  24. ... Reddit might be the last place where I thought I'd learn something about the Balkans. The more you know.

  25. This post could have certainly used the spoiler tag. If you get at least half the joke, you'll get severly spoiled for the Star Team story.

  26. Well, no, but I didn't know that at the time.

  27. Oh no, they removed the annoying, tideous and unnecessary task that's FISHING!

  28. Hello! I just sent you a friend request. I have a RP plot you might be interested in!

  29. I mean, if it hurts them later, their loss, but if it helps them get the edge, I wouldn't say that's not "fair and square"

  30. This happened to my gf as well through man saves (auto off) and the SECOND TIME through manual and auto saves, multiple of each, luckily the second time we knew about the data recovery.

  31. Well in that case, it is the game's fault. It's strange that the game doesn't take into account saves, but it might become a problem.

  32. "The messed up textures, low-frame-rate and bugs I can live with, but the crashes? Impossible. "

  33. I'd argue that Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi and the Toads are at their most powerful only for the fact they're durable enough to withstand being around a Black Hole (Not inside the blackhole, it kills Mario and Luigi, but the platforms they're walking on are like 20 to 30 meters from the Black Hole. Makes me wonder about how durable are said Platforms.)

  34. The number of people that are going to be pissed about this is going to be insane.

  35. True i never understood the hate for this game, I thought it was tons of fun, best pokemon game

  36. I don't think it's the best Nintendo Game of the year, but it was good, for sure.

  37. At least Mei-rry had a unique model on the ice block. Is that enough to be legendary? Idk but there's at least a discussion.

  38. Right? I can't see the difference between the Epic Tracer skin, and this one.

  39. It's because she's evil. Evil people aren't allowed to have hobbies or layers. /s

  40. I do agree it's stupid people think Vilains aren't allowed to have normal life on the side. I really like the headcanon that Moira's a total weeb, and the Bike Reaper skin was pretty cool. It was unexpected, but when you think about it, you realize "Yeah, Reaper's not going to swim or skinbathe, he's a husk of a body, as an edgelord he'd go dirt-biking"

  41. I can't say anything that's not already said down there, But basically Hop has severe Imposter Syndrome, while Nemona is an Adrenaline Junky that lives and is fascinated by what can push her to her limits.

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